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    Dual Degree Master of Architecture/Master of Integrated Building Delivery

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    The intent of the dual degree program is to respond to the interests of those students who are intrigued to expand their goals from designing the built environment, to affecting or otherwise participating in creating the built environment.

    Architecture has involved project initiation as well as the documentation and management of project implementation. Some architects aspire, in turn, to have the abilities and the leadership skills towards competency and responsibility in the broader and complex processes of design and construction. The Dual Degree Program integrating the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) and the Master of Integrated Delivery (M.IBD) aims to provide this knowledge and skill set to those who wish to have the delivery option inform their studies throughout their architectural education.

    Course Configuration

    Two courses within the M.IBD. program are directly repeated within the M.Arch. program (ARCH 560 and ARCH 565). Another M.Arch. requirement, a professional practice elective, is fulfilled by students' choice of ARCH 561, ARCH 562, or ARCH 563 from the M.IBD program. This overlap of 9 credit hours is applied to a reduction of required courses for the dual degree. Furthermore, the M.IBD program requires two electives in a related course of study. These two courses will also apply to the M.Arch. curriculum. A summation of requisite credit hours for each degree program would entail 102 credits for the M.Arch., and 30 for the M.IBD. With the credited overlap, the dual degree program would be awarded upon completion of 117 credit hours.