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    Master of Industrial Technology and Operations

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    The Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) degree requires completion of 30 semester hours (generally 10 courses). No thesis or research requirements apply.  Students must complete at least 18 semester hours of MITO graduate courses.  A student may choose to complete up to 12 semester hours of graduate courses in a different field of study (e.g., Food Science), but must be suitably qualified and obtain permission to register from their adviser and the course instructors.  Up to 12 semester hours of senior (400-level) courses can be taken as part of this master's program. A total of 9 semester hours of graduate-level courses taken outside of IIT (graded "B" or better) may be transferred toward the MITO degree with advisor approval. These allowances offer our graduate students great flexibility in individualizing their program of study. 

    Full-time students can complete the program in four semesters. Part-time students may proceed at their own pace, but are expected to maintain continuous enrollment semester to semester until the degree requirements are completed.

    General ITO Graduate Courses  

    INTM 502 Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering
    INTM 508 Cost Management
    INTM 509 Inventory Control
    INTM 511 Industrial Leadership
    INTM 514 Topics in Industry
    INTM 518 Industrial Risk Management
    INTM 520 Applied Strategies for the Competitive Enterprise
    INTM 522 Computers in Industry
    INTM 545 Strategic International Business

    Of particular interest to MITO students are the professional specializations offered by INTM Programs.  Each specialization requires completion of four courses.  Students may complete all four courses in one particular area of specialization, or choose courses of interest from all three specialization areas. 

    Industrial Specializations

    Industrial Facilities (IF)
    INTM 413 Facilities and Construction Management
    INTM 417 Construction Estimating
    INTM 507 Construction Technology
    INTM 515 Advanced Project Management

    Industrial Logistics (IL)

    INTM 509 Inventory Control
    INTM 530 Transportation
    INTM 540 Supply Chain Management
    INTM 542 Warehousing and Distribution
    INTM 543 Purchasing
    INTM 544 Export/Import
    INTM 546 Strategic International Business

    Industrial Sustainability (ST)
    INTM 559 Issues in Industrial Sustainability
    INTM 560 Non-Renewable Material Resources
    INTM 561 Energy Options in Industry
    INTM 562 Special Topics in Sustainability

    Manufacturing Technology (MT)
    INTM 406 Quality Control in Manufacturing
    INTM 531 Manufacturing Processes for Metals and Mechanical Systems
    INTM 532 Manufacturing Processes for Electronics and Electrical Systems
    INTM 533 Manufacturing Processes for Chemical and Process Systems