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    Cost of Attendance

    Student Accounting publishes specific tuition and fee rates every year. The most accurate bill for matriculated students can always be found on TouchNet, which as accessible through your myIIT portal.

    The net price calculator can be used for domestic, full time, undergraduate applicants who intend to live on campus. This tool allows students to anticipate what they may receive in institutional and federal aid if they become a student at IIT.

    If you have questions about the tuition and fee rates, please contact the Student Accounting Office at or at 312-567-3794.

    Estimated Expenses from Financial Aid Letter
    Estimated expenses are provided to students to assist in determining actual expenses for the academic year. The list of estimated expenses is not a bill. It merely includes expenses that are charged by the university, such as tuition and fees. Books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses are not charged by the university.

    2014-2015 Example Budget - New Undergraduate Student
    Fees: $1,670
    Room and Board:
    Books and Supplies: $1,200 ($1,500 for Architecture students)

    2014-2015 Example Budget - New Graduate Student (Main Campus)
    $15,576* (budgeted at 6 hours/semester)
    Fees: $665
    Room and Board:
    Books and Supplies: $800

    Tuition is the cost of attending classes at IIT. As a private institution, IIT does not charge different rates to in-state and out-of-state students. Your estimated tuition is based on enrollment plans provided on the FAFSA.
    *Tuition rates vary based on the year the student matriculates at IIT.

    Fees include mandatory fees required of all students such as the Service Fee, Activity Fee and U-Pass Fee. The U-Pass Fee provides students with a University Pass, which allows students to unlimited access to the Chicago Transit Authority's public transportation while school is in session. A one-time New Student Fee will be applied to all new students in their first term. The Health Insurance Fee is not included. Students who do not submit proof of adequate insurance coverage to the Student Health & Wellness Department will be charged for health insurance.

    Room and Board includes the estimated housing costs for a student's nine-month academic year. This amount is based upon housing plans provided on the FAFSA. Actual expenses may vary based on actual housing selection.

    Books and Supplies are materials purchased for class. The cost of books and supplies are not billed by the university. Students may purchase them at the university bookstore, and actual costs may vary depending on class requirements.

    Transportation Expenses include allotment for travel within Chicago and assistance with travel to and from the university at the start and conclusion of the nine-month academic year as well as university breaks.

    Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses include various expenses a student may incur during the academic year, such as clothing, toiletries, laundry, etc.

    If you have any questions about the estimated budget, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 312.567.7219.


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