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Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics

Applied Economics majors study the economic theory and analytical tools that are applied to confront real world problems.

Explore Econometric Models

In studying Applied Economics you will receive training in the comprehensive scientific and applied skill sets required for testing and applying economic models within real-world settings. Students in applied economics master the mathematical and analytical foundations needed for rigorous scientific exploration of current and future econometric models. As a student in applied economics you will develop critical thinking skills for evaluating and improving methods that investigate the economic components that influence individual, system, and social level variables.

Interesting Career Opportunities

Applied Economics prepares you for careers in the private sector, government or non-profit sector. Economics is one of the most profitable college majors according to Payscale.com, and economists are one of a decreasing number of occupations for which a bachelor’s degree remains the required education level for job market entry.

Becoming a Problem Solver

In IIT’s degree program in applied economics you will apply practical skills to one of three specializations: policy; international political economy; or finance. You will acquire an interdisciplinary approach to quantitative methods and learn to apply both theory and practical skills to a particular field, thereby preparing you to work as policy analyst, financial analyst, management consultant or economic development practitioner among other possibilities. By focusing on practical application of economics to another field, you will become a problem solver who will be competitive in the job market across industries.