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Bachelor of Science in Political Science

A political science undergraduate degree is common for the following types of professionals: lawyers, journalists, policy analysts, planners, scientists, business managers, politicians or medical people. Such professionals are in constant need for information on and understanding of the political, legal, governmental and public implications of their fields.

At IIT, most political science students devote most of their attention to American government, urban affairs, or public administration. Several faculty also do their research in and teach the politics and sociology of science and technology. We also devote substantial attention to studying various aspects of the new workplace.

Political science majors are required to complete 36 credits in political science; 24 credits in required courses and 12 credits in political science electives. Majors are also required to complete an approved course in statistics and a course in research methods. Additional courses may be required to prepare students for professional training and for entrance to fields such as law and medicine.