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Bachelor of Science in Social and Economic Development Policy

Social and Economic Development Policy students examine social and economic development in a comparative context from advanced to emerging societies and economies.

Challenging Interdisciplinary Degree

In Social and Economic Development Policy at IIT you will be challenged by an interdisciplinary social science degree grounded in the analysis of economic and social development in global and domestic settings.  You will study the impact of globalization on local communities and regions, and on markets and societies with a focus on the role technology plays in the alleviation of poverty and in the overall economic competitiveness of places around the world. You can choose to specialize in emerging or advanced economies, while acquiring an understanding of how technology underpins development in both areas. IIT’s program in social and economic development will prepare you to become a globally engaged civic-leader with expertise in assessing and analyzing the salient issues facing local governments and transnational organizations, making policy recommendations that will address these issues. You will be ready to enter careers that demand an understanding of the social, economic, political, technological, environmental, and policy issues that are fundamental to development today and in the future.

Interesting Career Opportunities

A Social and Economic Development Policy major prepares you to work in various sectors of public and private service as research assistants, grant writers or development officers, project managers, economic development specialists, lobbyists, or analysts. Careers in local, state or federal government or community service and policy advocacy organizations are available for specialists in advanced economies. Government agencies such as USAID international organizations such as the United Nations, Word Bank or Asian Development Bank, or international non-profit organizations such as OXFAM or CARE who deal with issues of social stratification and environmental sustainability are open for specialists in emerging markets. Private sector companies pursuing corporate social responsibility and consulting groups such as the Emerging Markets Group or Developing Alternatives Inc. (DAI) are also possible career paths. Students wishing to pursue an advanced degree in technology for development, urban affairs, planning, public policy, or public administration will also benefit from a degree in social and economic development.

Program Requirements

You will be required to complete 30 credit hours of core courses and at least one 15 credit hour specialization. You will also be required to complete a minor in Applied Economics. The senior capstone project requires you to complete a 30 hour internship which can serve as the gateway to your future career.