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    Research News

    December 2005 Issue

    Table of Contents:

    OSRP Holiday Deadline Reminder

    Revised Routing Sheet and Proposal Submissions

    Research Equipment Sharing Corner

    Recent IIT Awards


    Past Issues of Research News

    OSRP Holiday Deadline Reminder

    Just a reminder, as previously announced via campus email to all faculty. The Illinois Institute of Technology, including the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs, will be closed from December 26, 2005 through January 2, 2006.

    The OSRP deadline for all items with deadlines between December 16, 2005 and January 6, 2006 is Friday, December 16th, in order to allow sufficient time for submission. If you have any questions please contact us at 312 567-3035 or at

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    Revised Routing Sheet and Proposal Submissions

    Due to the increasing compliance requirements by federal and non-federal sponsors, we have revised the internal routing sheet (“Request for Review and Approval of Proposal”).
    Effective October 1, 2005 , this routing sheet must be completed and signed prior to proposal submission. The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs will not submit proposals received without the routing sheet. You can find the revised routing sheet on our website at:

    Proposal submissions continue to be on an upward trend (348 in FY03, 408 in FY04 and 435 in FY05). Many funding agencies are requiring that proposals be submitted via their specialized electronic system. Not all sponsors use the same systems. In addition, some electronic systems have required additional processing steps and software which are subject to delays due to server problems and/or internet connection problems.

    The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs is committed to providing high-quality service. Therefore, we are requiring that final and COMPLETED proposals be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) as follows:

    Agencies requiring the submission of hard copy proposals:
    Close of business, three (3) business days prior to the funding agency deadline

    Agencies requiring electronic submission:
    Close of business, two (2) business days prior to the funding agency deadline

    Any proposal not received by these deadlines stands the risk of not being sent. In addition, if OSRP is still able to submit the proposal, without having adequate time for review, the proposal may be administratively withdrawn if later review indicates that the proposal is non-compliant with IIT and/or funding agency policies and procedures.

    Please note that all administrative portions of ANY proposal must be finalized a MINIMUM of five (5) business days before funding agency’s deadline date . Administrative portions include:

    • budget and justification
    • current and pending support
    • facilities and resources
    • biosketches
    • representations and certifications
    • subcontracting negotiations
    • compliance issues such as human or animal subject involvement, biosafety
    • cost share and match (which is the responsibility of the PI to secure)

    If you are planning a proposal submission (including pre-proposals, new submissions, continuations, renewals, and supplemental proposals), we ask that you inform OSRP about your intention to develop a proposal as soon as possible. Information, such as the funding agency, deadline for submission and a copy of the guidelines (or a website to obtain them directly), is essential.

    Assistance with budgetary preparation, completion of agency forms, and questions regarding agency guidelines is available. OSRP also duplicates and mails proposals to the agency.

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    Research Equipment Sharing Corner

    Research equipment is expensive, but sharing it reduces costs and helps the IIT research enterprise. Sometimes, faculty join together as a group to submit a proposal for extramural funding for research equipment. If you are interested in such an effort, please know that ORCPD would be happy to help broadcast your intentions and will help you seek others who would be interested in participating with you.

    Please check out current equipment and announce what you have to share.

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    Recent IIT Awards

    Awards received during October 2005 at IIT

    Important Note: a “$0” next to an award indicates a no-cost extension has been granted.

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    Editor and Production Coordinator: Julia Chase

    Ali Cinar, PhD
    Dean of the Graduate College and
    Vice Provost for Research
    (312) 567-3637

    Alexander J. Flueck, PhD
    Associate Dean for Research
    (312) 567-3625

    The Staff of Research Support Services:

    Toni R. Allen
    Associate Director
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3035

    Pamela Andrews
    Research Coordinator
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3022

    Glenn Krell, MPA, CRA
    Office of Research Compliance and Proposal Development
    (312) 567-7141

    Robert Lapointe, MBA
    Manager, Research Marketing & Business Development
    Graduate College
    (312) 567-7135

    Domenica G. Pappas, CRA
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3035

    Flo Redmond, MBA
    Associate Director
    (312) 567-3340

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