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    Research News

    February 2004 Issue

    Table of Contents:

    Editor’s Desk

    New Deadline Policy

    New Routing Template for Proposals

    Compliance Corner Contest

    Spotlighted Funding Opportunity: NCIIA Grants

    Department of Homeland Security Industry Forum, Washington D.C.

    Recent IIT Awards

    ERIF Report:
    “Solution Structure Determination of the WW, Polar and C2 Domains of PQBP-1 by NMR,” by Dr. Yuzhu Zhang, BCPS


    Past Issues of Research News

    From the Editor’s Desk

    Dear Readers,

    A new faculty member came by recently to get help submitting her proposal. She needed assistance developing her proposal, crafting her budget, and complying with the sponsor’s instructions and paperwork. She got help from the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs as well as the Office of Proposal Development. After her proposal was finalized and ready to mail, the exhausted faculty member said something like, “You know, the services here are much better than they are at Big Name Chicagoland University!”

    I was grateful to hear that compliment about OSRP and OPD, and I am equally grateful to be part of a strong team here. Everyone on staff here is eager to serve the IIT faculty, and when we hear of a compliment like that, it really makes our day! So… if you haven’t made use of Research Support Services lately, dust off that dormant idea for funding and give us a call or an email! We’d be happy to help you search for extramural funding and put together a proposal.

    In this issue: several important announcements, an ERIF report from Dr. Yuzhu Zhang; Compliance Corner Contest, Recent IIT Awards, and more. All best wishes,

    - Glenn Krell MPA, CRA
    Editor, Research News
    Director, Research Proposal Development

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    New Deadline Policy

    In the last five fiscal years, the number of proposal submissions is up by 67% (209 submissions in FY1999 compared to 348 in FY2003). Because of the increased workload and our commitment to continue providing high-quality service, we are requiring that final and COMPLETED proposals be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) as follows:

    Agencies requiring the submission of hard copy proposals:
    Close of business, three (3) business days prior to the funding agency deadline

    Agencies requiring electronic submission:
    Close of business, two (2) business days prior to the funding agency deadline

    A copy of the full policy can be found at: Submit deadline_Feb2004.doc

    -Mary T. Spina, CRA, Assistant Dean for Research
    and Executive Director of Research Support Services

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    New Routing Template for Proposals

    Thanks to a suggestion from a faculty member, the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs has revised its Routing Form, now called a Routing Template. When you double click on it, it brings up a new Word document with fields to be filled in. Department and centers are now drawdown fields, and some fields are now formatted to be specific formats (i.e. date fields or dollar fields). The new form is available for your use at:

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    Compliance Corner Contest!

    Each month, Compliance Corner addresses common issues encountered by researchers who use human or animal subjects. We are interested in your questions and want to hear from you. In fact, we are so interested in hearing from you that this month we announce an exciting contest. The winner will receive a certificate for a box of donuts for their office.

    To enter the contest to receive this wonderful prize, think of a question you’d like to see addressed in this column. Address it to Domenica G. Pappas, CRA, Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Research and Programs via email at If we print your question, you win the prize.

    Editor’s Note: Domenica Pappas is Executive Officer of IIT’s Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

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    Spotlighted Funding Opportunity:
    National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) Grants

    Deadlines: May 15, 2004; December 15, 2004

    Full details at:

    Description: “In 2002-2004, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) will award over $2 million in grants to colleges and universities support programs and projects in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship education. We believe that invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship are essential components of the higher education curriculum and vital to the nation’s economic future. We work with colleges and universities to build collaborative experiential learning programs that help nurture a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with strong technical and business skills.

    “The NCIIA welcomes proposals for commercially viable projects that are technologically innovative and show promise to improve the environment and the human condition. Such projects should follow a sustainable entrepreneurial model.

    “In May and December of each year, the NCIIA accepts grant proposals on behalf of member colleges and universities around the country. NCIIA grants fund projects from initial concept through exploratory E-Team coursework to the development of patents and work leading to commercialization of new products and technologies. We support educational activities leading to commercialization.”

    Again, please see full details at:

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    Department of Homeland Security Industry Forum

    The DHS is sponsoring a two-day forum to provide industry the opportunity to hear, firsthand, what technology needs and requirements DHS will have in the coming years. Forum will take place on March 8-9, 2004. Full details at:

    Even if you are not planning to attend, it is worthwhile to take note of the agenda posted there, which lists the names of many of the directors and program managers for various divisions of DHS. Those names may come in handy when you want to make contact with DHS concerning your particular technology. The agenda also lists the various breakout sessions (“critical infrastructure protection,” “radiation/nuclear countermeasures” etc) and you may find it of interest to see that listing of DHS’s broad areas of concern.

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    Recent IIT Awards

    Awards received during December 2003 at IIT

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    ERIF Report: Dr. Yuzhu Zhang

    Dr. Yuzhu Zhang of BCPS received an award from IIT’s ERIF program (Educational Research Initiative Fund). ERIF award recipients are required to submit a final technical report for Research News. Read Dr. Zhang’s final technical report, "Solution Structure Determination of the WW, Polar and C2 Domains of PQBP-1 by NMR."

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    Editor: Glenn Krell, MPA, CRA

    Production Coordinator: Melissa Zabel

    Ali Cinar, PhD
    Dean of the Graduate College and
    Vice Provost for Research
    (312) 567-3637

    Alexander J. Flueck, PhD
    Associate Dean for Research
    (312) 567-3625

    Mary T. Spina, CRA
    Assistant Dean for Research
    Executive Director, Research Support Services
    (312) 567-3035

    The Staff of Research Support Services:

    Toni R. Allen
    Assistant Director
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3035

    Pamela Andrews
    Research Coordinator
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3022

    Janice D. Haney
    Administrative Assistant
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3035

    Glenn Krell, MPA, CRA
    Office of Research Proposal Development
    (312) 567-7141

    Robert Lapointe, MBA
    Research Projects Coordinator
    Graduate College
    (312) 567-7135

    Domenica G. Pappas, CRA
    Associate Director
    Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
    (312) 567-3035

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