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    Research Compliance

    If your research involves human participation, animal studies, rDNA, biological materials, or potentially hazardous agents approval is necessary by one of these review boards. Compliance training is also mandatory.
    Questions? 312.567.7141 or

    Human Subjects (IRB)

    The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research proposals that involve human participants. Even those with minimal participation, such as surveys or questionnaires, require some procedural IRB review.

    IRB Protocol Application and Instructions
    Thoroughly review the application instructions prior to submitting your protocol application. Protocols intended for full committee review should be sent to the IRB office prior to the monthly deadlines listed in the link below. Protocols intended for expedited review should be sent to the IRB office at least 30 days prior to the project's anticipated start date.
    IRB Application Instructions
    IRB Protocol Application

    Institutional Review Board Training
    In addition to submitting a protocol for review to the IRB, researchers must complete a training module (approximately 2 hours). After completing the training, a certificate is issued which must be printed and kept. A copy of the certificate must be attached to the IRB application.
    IRB Training

    Training is required on an annual basis. If you have previously completed the training module and are having difficulty obtaining a new certificate:

    1. Log in to the course at:
    2. Click the link labeled "Edit User Info" on the Main Menu page
    3. Click the button labeled "Retake Course"

    Important Links
    List of submission deadline dates and scheduled IRB meetings
    IIT Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects
    IIT Handbook of Procedures for the Protection of Human Research Subjects
    Educational Materials for Research with Human Subjects

    IRB Chair: Patrick Corrigan
    ORCPD Director: Glenn Krell, 312.567.7141 or
    For IRB Protocol Applications: Mariam Othman, 312.567.5757 or

    IIT's federal wide assurance number is 00001463

    Human Protections Information From OHRP
    The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) encourages all members within the research/IRB community to consult with OHRP on matters of human subject protections. The toll-free number is 866.447.4777.

    Recombinant DNA and/or Biological Materials (IBC)

    IBC includes oversight of experimentation that involves recombinant DNA, biological materials (e.g., infectious agents), and other potentially hazardous agents (e.g., carcinogens).

    IBC Application

    More Information About Biosafety and Federal Requirements
    Office of Biotechnology Activities
    NIH Guidelines

    IBC Chair: Ben Stark
    ORCPD Director: Glenn Krell, 312.567.7141 or

    Financial Conflict of Interest Training

    IIT’s Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) requires faculty and researchers to complete training.

    CHOOSE ONE of the two categories of FCOI training:

    1. Blackboard Training:
    For faculty who DO NOT receive funds from DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) (e.g. NIH, FDA, SAMHSA, etc.).

    Enroll in Blackboard Training:
    Within Blackboard, go to the Courses tab (top right next to My Institution). Enter “Financial” in the Course Search box, or click "Browse Course Catalog" and search for "Training & Professional Development." click on BB_TD_FINANCIAL_CONFLICT_OF_INTEREST_POLICY to enroll.

    2. CITI Training:
    For faculty who DO receive (or hope to someday receive) DHHS funding.

    Enroll in CITI Training:
    At choose the course “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST COURSE.” Other training on the CITI site is not required for purposes of the FCOI training.

    The CITI program will automatically create a report showing course completion, and their system will send reports to IIT the following morning. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before leaving the CITI site, save an electronic and/or paper copy of the training certificate.

    Detailed information for training:
    2. Create an account and login; choose affiliation with "Illinois Institute of Technology."
    3. Skip all training not related to FCOI - go immediately to "Question 4" on the course selection page and answer "yes.”
    4. Complete the five training modules

    Verification of FCOI Training:
    The University is responsible for verifying that investigators supported by DHHS have received FCOI training. By taking and completing the training through CITI, the University will be able to verify training.

    Note: PI’s must ensure that all named Key Personnel who will be working on their DHHS funded project have taken the mandatory FCOI training, prior to engaging in the research.

    Responsible Conduct of Research Training

    Awards issued from the National Science Foundation (NSF) are subject to NSF rules on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) which require that all undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs supported by an NSF award receive RCR training. Training must be completed within one (1) year of an individual beginning their participation on the project.

    Complete training at


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