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    Mahjoub Elnimeiri, Ph.D.

    Mahjoub Elnimeiri, Ph.D.


    3410 S. State Street
    Office Hours:
    Phone: 312.567.3990
    Email: elnimeiri@iit.edu
    Web: www.elnimeiri.com


    • Structural Engineering


    • Ph.D., Northwestern University
    • M.S. Imperial College London, University of London
    • B.S., University of Khartoum

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    Dr. Elnimeiri is pushing the structural envelope with projects such as the Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., Building in Seoul. If built, it would likely become the world's tallest building at 120 stories. His expertise resulted from years of working with Fazlur Kahn, the renowned SOM engineer responsible for several landmark buildings, including the Hancock Building and the Sears Tower.

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    Selected Publications


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    • Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Member of Steering Committee

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