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    Study Abroad Programs

    Study abroad has a long and important history in the training of architects. Immersion in foreign culture and architectural traditions transforms the way our students understand precedents and contemporary influences underlying Western design. Today, with architects practicing all around the world, it is crucial for students to explore architecture in a new physical and cultural setting.

    The College of Architecture’s study abroad options are the widest and deepest of any school in the country. Programs range from full semesters in Paris, to four week summer trips, to intensive short-term international workshops. There are a number of study programs in the College that travel each year as part of the regular curriculum; for instance, the first year Master of Architecture students travel to Switzerland over spring break.

    We do not rely on third party providers: the College’s programs are organized and taught by our own professors or faculty from our partner institutions. And when most schools’ programs are limited to Western Europe, our programs are global. Our objective is to provide an opportunity for each architecture student to participate in at least one off-campus program during their time at IIT, and many students have joined two or more programs.

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    Fourth Year Undergraduate Programs
    We consider the semester abroad as central to a well-rounded architectural education. Accordingly, the B.Arch. curriculum is designed around a full semester (or academic year) abroad during the fourth year. Our own Paris Program is the anchor, but many students choose to participate in international programs hosted by our partner institutions, or even to forge out on their own in external programs.

    Paris Program
    The College of Architecture offers study abroad programs in both fall and spring semesters at our studio facility in Paris. The studio is located in the heart of Paris in the 9th arrondissement near the Opera Garnier. This program is taught by IIT faculty and offers a fully immersive Parisian experience. The program is studio based so the semester schedule is built around an architectural design project. There are extensive site visits within Paris and weekly visits to sites throughout France. The program also organizes longer trips throughout Europe.

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    Traveling Studios
    Each semester the College offers an advanced architectural design studio that undertakes travel as a component of the design project. These studios are open to fourth and fifth year undergraduates and the study travel is often subsidized by the College or program sponsors. The study travel is usually a ten-day trip aimed at site research and analysis or collaborative workshops with project partners. These programs are intense, flexible, variable, and offer a very different experience than the long-stay programs.
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    Summer Travel Programs
    Each summer a different slate of study abroad programs are offered. Originally designed to allow graduate students an opportunity to go abroad in shorter, more intensive programs, the summer courses have proven to be extremely popular with undergraduate students as well. The offerings vary each summer and often incorporate workshops or charrettes conducted at sites throughout the world.
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    Spring Break Study Travel
    The College of Architecture also sponsors an annual spring break trip abroad, available to both undergraduate and graduate students.
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    Applications and Additional Information
    To join study abroad programs at other universities in the United States or other countries, students work with their academic advisor and IIT’s International Center staff for admission and pre-approval of courses. Their website includes a full list of IIT partner institutions. The application process for all of the College of Architecture programs begins with the IIT Study Abroad office.
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