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    Corporate Training from the Office of Professional Development at IIT

    Enhance your employee's skills with training that is designed for the needs of business and industry. We, in the Office of Professional Development at the School of Applied Technology (SAT) of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) understand that working professionals are busy, so training is accelerated, hands-on, lab-based when applicable and designed to ensure your employees quickly master the skills required for on the job application. Credit in the form of either Continuing Education Units (CEU) or university credit that can be applied toward a degree is granted for all courses.

    Designed specifically for your organization

    Corporate training targets the needs of your organization and is taught specifically for your employees. Training is available at your request and is scheduled at your convenience. Sessions can be divided into 4, 6, or 8-hour classes that start before, during or after normal business hours. Corporate groups can be accommodated at the company facility or one of IIT’s campuses.

    Our training development efforts focus on competency-based instruction, which is distinguished by the following characteristics:
    • It relates to job skills rather than arbitrary facts
    • It emphasizes teaching by example rather than definitions
    • It is problem-driven rather than knowledge-driven
    • It is based on active participation rather than passive absorption
    • It contains, where appropriate, exercise that measure the application of knowledge and skill rather than recall of information
      A wide variety of topics
      Consider any subject areas within the university curriculum:
    • Biological, Medical, Chemical & Food Technologies
    • Computer Science
    • Energy, Environment & Hazardous Materials
    • Engineering & Mathematics
    • Human Resources Development & Law
    • Information Technology, Communications & Computers
    • Internet, Web & E-Commerce Technologies
    • Management & Leadership
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing, Business & E-Commerce

    Courses within these subject areas can be modified as necessary to meet your needs and additional subjects are available at your request. See the Professional Learning Programs course listing for a sampling of available options. Browse the IIT web site for courses within all of our colleges.

    For additional details or to arrange a training course, please contact our Program Manager, Mary LaFleur, at (630) 682-6030 or mlafleur@iit.edu.