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    Entrepreneurship for IT Professionals, IT-M 581

    About this Course:
    This course prepares students to become leaders in information technology and to build IT companies. Students design an develop a prototype IT product and prepare a business plan and venture proposal presentation.

    Currently Scheduled

    Some experience in the field of Information Technology is required for enrollment.

    Who Should Attend:
    Any manager who wants to be able to evaluate the business model of his or her enterprise division, or expert who wants to use the technical knowledge he or she has developed in years of study and business practice. It is designed to help the business manager stop working for other people and start declaring economic independence.

    Expected Outcomes:

    Assess the viability of a new business concept or idea

    Identify the critical assumptions underlying a new business concept and the milestones in implementing the business concept

    Develop strategies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for the new venture

    Understand the implications of the overall strategy for sales, marketing, finance, legal requirements, operations, human resources and other business functions and the interrelationships among the different functions

    Develop a business plan and startup scenario to facilitate the implementation of the business idea or concept

    Communicate effectively the strategic vision for the business and its strategies that will serve as a road map for initiating and growing the business

    Develop an understanding of your personal entrepreneurship strategy

    Course Outline:

    Traits of a good entrepreneur

    The entrepreneur interview

    New opportunity generation

    New opportunity screening and evaluation

    Idea pitch presentation

    Business plan development

    Business plan case study

    Resources to carry out the plan

    Growth and exit strategies

    Business plan venture presentation


    Carl R. Carlson