Undergraduate Admission
    Graduate Admission

    Windows Operations and Networking, IT 451

    About this Course:
    Students learn to set up and maintain PC workstations and servers and to administer PC servers and networks. Topics include hardware requirements; software compatibility; and system installation, configuration and options and post-installation topics; administrative practices required for file system security; process management; performance monitoring and tuning; storage management; back-up and restoration of data; and disaster recovery and prevention.

    Currently Scheduled

    IT 301 A+ Certification Training, basic Operating Systems and Networking fundamentals or equivalent experience required for enrollment.

    Course Outline:

    • Windows Server 2003 Environment
      • Introduction to Windows Server 2003
      • Managing Hardware Devices
      • Creating and Managing User Accounts
      • Implementing and Managing Group and Computer Accounts
      • Managing File Access
      • Managing Disks and Data Storage
      • Advanced File System Management
      • Implementing and Managing printers
      • Implementing and Using Group Policy
      • Server Administration
      • Monitoring Server Performance
      • Managing and Implementing Backups and Disaster
      • Administrating Web Resources
      • Windows Server 2003 Security Features
    • Windows Server 2003 Network
      • Network Overview
      • Configuring Network Protocols
      • TCP/IP Architecture
      • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
      • Managing and Monitoring DHCP
      • Name Resolution
      • Domain Name System
      • Windows Internet Naming Service
      • Securing Network Traffic Using IPSec
      • Remote Access and Internet Authentication Service
      • Routing
      • Windows 2008 Server setup and Installation
      • Windows 2008 and 2003 comparison