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    Internet Technologies and Web Design, IT 461

    About this Course:
    This course will cover how the Internet is organized, addressing, routing, DNS, protocols, TCP/IP, SMTP, the use of Internet applications, and the creation of Web pages using HTML and graphical applications. Networked multimedia distribution technologies are also explored. The design of effective Web site including page layout, user interface design, graphic design, content flow and site structure as well as management of Web site resources including intranet management and design considerations are addressed. Students design and create a major Web site with multiple pages and cross-linked structures.

    Currently Scheduled

    Basic programming knowledge with the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Internet and the World Wide Web is required for enrollment.

    Who Should Attend:
    This course is valuable for those involved in establishing, developing or maintaining a Web site.

    Course Outline:
    Introduction to the Internet
    This module covers how the Internet is organized, addressing, routing, DNS, and the use of Internet applications. It covers all basic and advanced applications including electronic mail, advanced Web and FTP searches, and legal issues associated with the Internet. Laboratories will include extensive hands-on experience with all aspects of using the Internet.

    HTML and Web Pages Authoring
    This module covers basic through advanced Web page authoring techniques using both HTML and WYSIWYG authoring software. HTML 4.0 will be taught including the use of Cascading Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML. Participants will learn the optimal use of keywords and search engine positioning. In the lab, participants will study, create and refine Web pages online, as well as learn how to create basic Web graphics.


    Valerie Scarlata