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    Legal and Ethical Issues in IT, IT 485

    About this Course:
    Current legal issues in information technology are addressed including elements of contracting, payment systems and digital signatures, privacy concerns, intellectual property, business torts and criminal liability including hacking, computer trespass and fraud. Examination of ethical issues including privacy, system abuse, and ethical practices in information technology equip participants to make sound ethical choices and resolve legal and moral issues that arise in information technology.

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    Who Should Attend:
    Professionals who are seeking a solid understanding of legal and ethical issues encountered in the field of information technology and more generally in management.

    Expected Outcomes:

    Participants successfully completing this course will be able to:

    1. Describe using appropriate terminology legal and ethical issues relevant to information technology and management.
    2. Analyze the potential legal and ethical pitfalls associated with advancing technology.
    3. Explore the evolving legal and ethical challenges posed by web-based communication and commerce.
    4. Examine the issues of privacy and security in cyberspace.
    5. Discuss how to obtain, retain, and challenge legal ownership of intellectual property.
    6. Discuss crime in the 21st-century – cybercrime, identity theft, etc.
    7. Explore relevant social issues including the “digital divide” and management responsibilities in the workplace.
    8. Discuss ethical and legal “gray areas” such as freedom of speech vs. SPAM, etc.
    9. Analyze the challenges of identifying responsibility and liability in our ever-expanding world where society is becoming increasingly dependent on ad hoc IT systems.
    10. Explore the legal and ethical implications of virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-informatics, cloning, etc.

    Course Outline:

    A Gift of Fire: Terminology

    Introductory Case Studies

    Cyberethics and Morality

    Privacy and Security

    Freedom of Speech vs. SPAM

    Intellectual Property


    The 21st-century Workplace

    The Digital Divide

    Who’s to Blame?

    Case Studies

    Virtual Reality

    Artificial Intelligence

    Systems that are Smart like Us



    Dennis Hood