Undergraduate Admission
    Graduate Admission

    Object-Oriented System Analysis, Modeling and Design, IT 531

    About this Course:
    This course will cover object oriented approaches to system analysis, data modeling and design that combine both process and data views of systems. Emphasis is given to practical problems and the techniques needed to create solutions in systems design.

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    Course Features

    This course covers various modeling techniques, relational data modeling, and data views for object oriented systems, relating heavily to software design and UML (Unified Modeling Language)

    Course in database fundamentals, familiarity with objects or an object oriented programming language is helpful for enrollment.

    Who Should Attend:
    This course is valuable for software engineers, systems analysts, designers and programmers who need to take full advantage of the benefits of OO software development.

    Expected Outcomes:
    Relational Database Design Axioms
    Soundness, completeness and lossless preserving properties; application to key calculation problem

    Design Quality Measures
    Relational normal forms, lossless property, FD and DD preservation properties, view supportability properties; design algorithms

    Object Oriented Data Models
    Object model, nested entity relationship model, and subordinate dependency model

    Design Algorithms
    Relation to nested entity-relationship conversion algorithm, relation to object class diagram algorithm

    Universal Data Model, Universal SQL and Visual Data Diagram Model

    Process Models

    Behavioral Models

    Knowledge Models

    Heterogeneous Database Architectural Strategy

    Internet Repository Architectural Strategy

    Workflow Information System Architectural Strategy and MMQL

    Multi-Level Architectural Strategy

    Project Phased Based Architectural Strategy


    Carl R. Carlson