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    ASP.Net with C#, IT 563

    About this Course:
    In-depth examination of the concepts involved in the development of Internet applications. Students will learn the differences and similarities between Internet applications and traditional client/server applications. A discussion of the technologies involved in creating these Internet applications is included, and students will learn to use these technologies to create robust server-side applications. Also addressed is the role of the Application Service Provider (ASP) in enterprise information technology management.

    Course Features

    This course is an introduction to Microsoft ASP.Net with C#. Web services, patterns, WCF, WPF, Linq, versioning, and testing will be covered. All the latest and greatest (and future) .Net software and web technologies covered

    Currently Scheduled

    IT 461 Internet Technologies and Web Design and IT 411 Java Programming or some Web development and database programming experience (Microsoft or other platform) as well as a basic understanding of structured programming required for enrollment.

    Who Should Attend:
    This course is valuable for anyone beginning to develop Web-based applications or considering using ASP.NET.

    Expected Outcomes:
    Participants will be learn to use C# to develop ASP.Net web apps (and possibly other types); utilize most, if not all, of the ASP.Net server controls; utilize a variety of data binding controls; communicate effectively with multiple database sources via ASP.Net; deploy ASP.Net applications to the internet; create user controls, composite controls and custom server controls; provide security for ASP.Net applications (time permitting); and create and deploy Web services (time permitting).

    Course Outline:

    Introduction to ASP.NET and the Web;

    Visual Studio environment;

    Creating Web Forms and Using ASP.Net Server Controls;

    Page Control Collection;

    User Controls;

    Advanced User Controls;

    Master Pages / Instructor Toolbar Incorporation;


    XmlDatasource and SqlDataSource;

    SqlDataSource with GridView and DetailsView;

    SqlDataSource and ObjectDataSource;


    Jeffery Meyers