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    Graduate Admission

    Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity, IT 588

    About this Course:
    Students learn to design and manage key business information security functions including incident response plans and incident response teams disaster recovery plans; and business continuity plans. Reporting, response planning and budgeting are all addressed. Students working in reams will prepare an incident response, disaster recovery, or business continuity plan for a real-world organizations such as a business or a government body or agency.

    Participants should have experience in IT management or equivalent experience required for enrollment.

    Who Should Attend:
    This course is valuable for anyone at any level of organization who is involved in preparation, organization, prevention, reaction or recovery to interruption of business continuity.

    Expected Outcomes:
    Each successful participant will demonstrate foundation knowledge and application of contingency planning concepts as they apply to business impact analysis and the planning and execution of incidence response, disaster recovery, and business continuity in a large organizational environment. Participants will describe and identify policy frameworks, legal and moral implications, and best practices in contingency planning. Participants will be able to assess current contingency planning in an organizational environment and draft an appropriate Incident Response Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan or Business Continuity Plan.

    Course Outline:
    Introduction and Overview of Contingency Response Planning
    Planning Organizational Contingencies
    Incident Response: Preparation, Organization & Prevention
    Design, Format, and Construction of Contingency Response Plans
    Incident Response: Detection and Notification
    Incident Response: Reaction and Recovery
    Contingency Strategies for Business Resumption
    Disaster Recovery: Preparation and Implementation
    Disaster Recovery: Operations and Maintenance
    Business Continuity: Preparation & Implementation
    Business Continuity: Operations and Maintenance
    Case Study in Business Continuity
    Crisis Management and Human Factors


    Ray Trygstad