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    Since Fall 2010, we switched from Maple to Mathematica.

    The Use of Mathematica in Our Courses

    Our first-year Calculus courses (Math 149, 151, and 152) are all 5 credit hours, of which 4 hours are devoted to lectures and 1 hour alternates between recitations and a computer laboratory. During the labs the students get a chance to solidify their basic understanding of the principles learned in class, work on "applied" problems, as well as other problems for the solution of which a computer is useful. Visualization plays a central role in this lab experience. This may range from a simple plot to complicated three-dimensional animations as some of the examples on this page show.

    In Multivariable Calculus and later courses, students can continue to use Mathematica, on their own.

    Mathematica Demonstrations

    Mathematica is made by Wolfram Research, which also makes MathWorld and Wolfram Alpha.


    The same courses also use WebAssign. WebAssign automatically grades assignments and gives students instant feedback on their performance.

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    The geographic distance between Hong Kong and Chicago was considerably shortened for Xiaoyan Zeng when her college adviser showed her a brochure about IIT. more...

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