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    Ethics in Data Science

    IIT College of Science Professional Master's Program: Data Science - Rethinking Data

    A key component of the IIT data science program is helping students develop the ethical and critical thinking skills needed to deal with the complex situations that naturally arise during the practice of data science. This program will teach students to understand and apply relevant ethical principles in their coursework through consideration of case studies, as well as by identifying ethical issues in their capstone practicum. There is an ethical dimension that rests behind which models to choose, which software to use, and which information to disclose to the client. A professional data scientist will have integrity, clarify modeling assumptions and risks, honor intellectual property rights, and respect data privacy. IIT has integrated ethics into its undergraduate curriculum for years and is making sure graduate students have training in this area as well.

    Resources for Ethics in Data Science Education:
    IIT Center for Study of Ethics in the Professions
    ASA Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice
    ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
    INFORMS Certified Analytics Professionals Code of Ethics (.pdf)
    Rose Business Technologies Proposed Data Science Code of Professional Conduct
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Computer and Information Ethics
    UC San Diego: Resources for Research Ethics Education

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