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    Student Spotlight - Michael Turturro

      Michael Turturro
    Lake Villa, IL

    Anticipated Graduation Date: 2011
    Major: BME, Ph.D. Candidate
    Destination: Industry Research in tissue engineering, skin grafts, and growing bone.

    Camras Heald Scholarship
    Alumni Referral Scholarship
    Six Flag Employee Scholarship
    DeWitt Scholarship
    S.E. Johnson Sons & Daughters Award
    Provost Fellowship

    Indecision becomes major decision

    "During Camras Weekend I decided to participate in a biomedical engineering seminar, even though I had no idea what biomedical engineering was. When I heard Dr. Turitto speak about applying engineering to the human body and engineering being used in medical applications, I knew I found my future."

    Regenerative Heart

    "The hands-on experience I've gained at IIT is excellent and this institution offers great opportunities for all students, all majors. I chose the BME field of study in particular, because it is growing at an extremely rapid rate and I am thrilled to be part of it. Instead of making a person a new heart valve, I will grow one."

    Research Assistant Becomes Published Researcher

    "It is amazing that I will be a junior and will potentially have two publications. Before now, after I was asked to be research assistant, I knew I was going in the right direction with biomedical engineering. As a sophomore, I had the opportunity to setup BME teaching labs where I gained familiarity with lab equipment & techniques."

    Uniting the Campus with Commuters

    "As a commuter, I knew that instructors and students that lived off campus needed to integrate and became familiar with each other. There was also a need for special services, like later lab hours. The Commuter Student Association grew from organization with seven people to forty during my time as President. It makes me feel proud to have helped create a better sense of community and to have definitely made life easier."

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