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    Zongzhi Li - Associate Professor, CAE

    Zongzhi Li

    Associate Professor, CAE
    Director, Transportation Engineering Program and Infrastructure Engineering and Management Program
    Director, Transportation Engineering Laboratory
    Director, Center for Work Zone Safety and Mobility

    Transportation Engineering
    Infrastructure Engineering and Management

    Office: AM Hall, Room 211
    3201 South Dearborn Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60616

    Phone: (312) 567-3556
    Fax: (312) 567-3519


    • Transportation systems analysis, evaluation, and asset management; statistical and econometric methods for transportation demand modeling, pavement performance modeling, and safety and security analyses; simulation modeling for intelligent transportation systems applications; risk and uncertainty modeling, and optimization of dynamic traffic networks, infrastructure systems, and logistics problems.


    • Ph.D. Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering Purdue University December 2003
    • MSIE Operations Research Purdue University August 2002
    • MSCE Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering Purdue University May 2000
    • BE Magna Cum Laude Chang’an University, Xi’an, China July 1992


    • Multimodal transportation infrastructure and dynamic traffic network mobility, safety, security and emergency evacuation, and energy consumption/vehicle emission performance modeling
    • Sustainable transportation asset management addressing issues of system component interdependency, integration, and risk and uncertainty
    • Transportation network economics



    Funding Agency

    Amount ($)



    With IIT Match

    Signal Timing Optimization for Large-Scale Urban Networks under Dynamic Traffic (PI)

    U.S. DOT Region 5 University Transportation Center




    Galvin Mobility Initiative: Innovative Methods for Accelerated Construction of Underground Intersections and Systemwide Signal Timing Optimization to Mitigate Urban Traffic Congestion (PI)

    Galvin Mobility Initiative by Mr. Robert W. Galvin




    Expansion of the IIT PRETRANS Program (PI)

    U.S. DOT Region 5 University Transportation Center




    Regional  Transportation Simulation Tool for Evacuation Planning (RTSTEP) (Subcontractor)

    Argonne National Laboratory’s Transportation Research and Computing Center




    Multicommodity Flows and Algorithmic Graph Theory in Sustainable Transportation Decision-Making (PI)

    IIT Educational and Research Initiative Fund




    Development and Application of the TRANSIMS Toolbox for Transportation Operations Management in and around Chicago Central Area (PI)

    Federal Highway Administration




    Rapid Replacement/ Construction of Bridges (PI)

    National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education




    Methodology for Estimating Life Expectancies of Highway Assets (Subcontractor of Purdue University’s Joint Research Team)

    National Cooperative Highway Research Program




    Safety Impacts of Highway Shoulder Attributes in Illinois (PI)

    Illinois Center for Transportation





    a. Books

    1. Li, Z., A.T. Moore, and S.R. Staley. 2013. Megacity Mobility: Meeting the Traffic Congestion Challenge in Global Cities. Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Lanham, MD (Finalizing Manuscript, Expected in June 2013).
    2. Li, Z., and S.H. Lee. 2009. Highway Asset Management under Risk and Uncertainty: Methodology, Models and Application. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller AG & CoKG, Saarbrücken, Germany (ISBN: 363-914-553-4).
    3. Li, Z. 2009. Multicriteria Highway Programming Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty: A Methodology for Integrated Highway Asset Management. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller AG & CoKG, Saarbrücken, Germany (ISBN: 363-914-540-2).

    b. Refereed Book Chapters

    1.       Li, Z., S. Madanua, and S. Lee. 2011. Highway Transportation Project Evaluation and Selection Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty. Stochastic Optimization: Seeing the Optimal for the Uncertain, 321-350. INTECH, Vienna, Austria (ISBN: 978-953-307-829-8).

    c. Refereed Journal Publications

    • Bai, Q., A. Ahmed, Z. Li, and S. Labi. 2013. A Hybrid Pareto Frontier Generation Method for Analyzing Trade-offs among Transportation Performance Measures. Wiley Journal of Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (Tentatively Accepted, In Revision).
    • Li, Z., K. Kepaptsoglou, Y. Lee, H. Patel, Y. Liu, H. Kim. 2013. Empirical Bayesian Before-After Analysis of Safety Impacts of Shoulder Paving for Rural and Urban Highways. ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering (In Press).
    • Li, Z.,  A. M. Roshandeh, B. Zhou, S.H. Lee. 2013. Optimal Decision-Making of Interdependent Tollway Capital Investments Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty. ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)TE.1943-5436.0000540.
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    • Anwaar, A., S., Labi, Z.  Li, T.  Shields. 2013. Aggregate and Disaggregate Statistical Evaluation of the Performance-based Effectiveness of LTPP SPS-5 Flexible Pavement Rehabilitation Treatments. Journal of Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 9(2), 172-187.
    • Li, Z., H. Kaul, S. Kapoor, E. Veliou, B. Zhou. 2012. A New Model for Transportation Investment Decisions Considering Project Interdependencies. TRB Journal of Transportation Research Record 2285,36-46.
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    • Labi, S., G. Lamptey, and Z. Li. 2008. Decision Support for Optimal Scheduling of Highway Pavement Preventive Maintenance within Resurfacing Cycle. Journal of Decision Support Systems 46(1), 376-387.

    Current Projects


    • Sigma Xi Award for Excellence in Research, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011
    • Arthur M. Wellington Prize, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2011
    • Senior Research Fellow, Reason Foundation, 2009
    • Charley V. Wootan Award, U.S. Council of University Transportation Centers, 2001
    • IRF Fellowship, International Road Federation, 1998



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    Civil and Architectural Engineering
    3201 South Dearborn Street
    Room 228 Alumni Memorial Hall
    Chicago, IL 60616-3793
    Phone: 312.567.3540