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    Master of Transportation Engineering

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    Program: Master of Transportation Engineering

    CAEE Graduate Programs

    Core Courses (12 credit-hours):
    CAE 543 - Demand Models for Urban Transportation
    CAE 546 - Public Transportation Systems
    CAE 548 - Transportation Systems Management
    CAE 575 - Systems Analysis in Civil Engineering

    Elective Courses (20 credit-hours):
    CAE 415 - Pavement Design, Construction and Maintenance
    CAE 430 - Probability Concepts in Civil Engineering
    CAE 544 - Urban Transportation Planning
    CAE 545 - Traffic Operations & Flow Theory
    CAE 547 - Advanced Traffic Engineering
    CAE 549 - Transportation Economics, Development and Policy
    CAE 577 - Construction Equipment Management
    CAE 597 - Special Problems

    Up to 6 credit-hours: Any 400 or 500 level courses offered by the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering or outside the department with the consent of the advisor.