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    ChBE Hall of Fame

    In its more than 100 year history, ChBE has graduated many notable and influential professionals in the chemical engineering industry. These alumni have made their own unique mark on the profession and continue to serve as inspirations to chemical engineering students.

    National Academy of Engineering

    ChBE has always maintained a strong tradition of excellence in chemical engineering, demonstrated by the number of its graduates, faculty and Advisory Committee members that have been elected into the National Academy of Engineering. Induction into this elite group of engineers is one of the greatest honors achieved by professionals in this discipline. Please see below for a full listing of professionals associated with the department who have been bestowed with this great accomplishment.


    John L. Anderson - IIT President and Professor of Chemical Engineering

    • Elected 1992
    • For contributions to the understanding of colloidal hydrodynamics and membrane transport phenomena

    Henry Linden (Ph.D. ChE ’52) - Max McGraw Professor of Chemical Engineering

    • 1974
    • For contributions to methods of fuels conversion and energy utilization

    Darsh Wasan - Motorola Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vice President for International Affairs

    • Elected 2004
    • For pioneering research, inspirational teaching, and the development of novel technology in colloidal processing and interfacial rheology


    John E. Anderson (M.S. ChE ’51)

    • Elected 1991
    • For combining novel engineering concepts with combustion science to reduce atmospheric pollution and improve fuel efficiency in industrial combustion processes

    Donald W. Bahr (M.S. Gas Eng. ’51)

    • Elected 1991
    • For creative and pioneering effort in high-performance aircraft engine combustion systems design and the reduction of their pollutant emissions.

    Kenneth Bischoff (B.S. ChE ’57, Ph.D. ChBE ’61)(Deceased)

    • Elected 1988
    • For excellence in research and education in chemical reaction engineering and in biomedical engineering

    David A. Edwards (B.S. ChE ’87)

    • Elected 2001
    • For transfer of scientific principles of engineering to industry, including invention and commercial development of a novel, generic aerosol drug-delivery system

    John F. Kahles (B.S. ChE ’39)(Deceased)

    • Elected 1984
    • For pioneering research on correlating processing practices with their effects on surfaces and improving productivity by effective dissemination of useful data on metal removal

    Henry Linden (Ph.D. ChE ’52)

    • Elected 1974
    • Contributions to methods of fuels conversion and energy utilization

    James Oldshue (B.S. ChE ’47, M.S. ChE ’49, Ph.D. ChE ’51)(Deceased)

    • Elected 1980
    • Pioneering work in establishing the fluid mechanics of mixing and its practical application to industrial and municipal processing

    W. Robert Marshall (B.S. ChE ’38) (Deceased)

    • Elected 1967
    • For contributions to chemical engineering profession

    G. “Rex” Reklaitis (B.S. ChE ’65)

    • Elected 2007
    • For developing the theory and application of batch design, scheduling, and optimization tools, and for outstanding contributions to education