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    1. Biomedical Engineering = BME
    2. Civil, Architectural and
      Environmental Engineering = CAE
    3. Chemical and Biological Engineering = ChBE
    4. Electrical and Computer Engineering = ECE
    5. Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering = MMAE

    Program: Doctor of Philosophy

    ChBE Graduate Programs

    The program should satisfy the following requirements: chemical engineering or biological engineering study, 30—40 percent; research, 40—50 percent; other fields of study, 10—30 percent. The coursework must include up to 18 credits of core chemical or biological engineering courses.

    For the Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, students must take the following core courses.

    Required courses:
    CHE 551 Advanced Transport Phenomena
    CHE 553 Advanced Thermodynamics
    CHE 525 Chemical Reaction Engineering
    CHE 535 Applications of Mathematics to Engineering
    CHE 530 Advanced Process Control or CHE 536 Computational Techniques in Engineering

    Students should consult the Transfer Credits section for rules on how many credit hours may be transferred from another institution.

    Students must pass a written qualifying examination within three semesters after they have been admitted to the Ph.D. program. The exam is diagnostic in nature, and the results of the exam will determine the student’s potential for success in the Ph.D. program and recommendations for a future program of study. The examination in the chemical engineering program will cover all core areas, including thermodynamics, reaction engineering and kinetics, transport phenomena, process mathematics.