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    Systems Engineering

    The department has had a long-standing tradition of excellence in research in process modeling, monitoring, and control; process system integration; complex systems; system theory; and nonlinear dynamics. Recent activities include the use of hierarchical networks of intelligent autonomous agents for monitoring, diagnosis and control of distributed and networked systems.

    Examples of the research interests of individual faculty in systems engineering are:

    Javad Abbassian

    GTI Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
    Expertise: Conceptual process design

    Donald Chmielewski

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
    Expertise: Model predictive controller tuning; process optimization; sensor network design

    Ali Cinar

    Professor of Chemical Engineering; Director, Engineering Center for Diabetes Research and Education
    Expertise: Modeling, analysis and control of complex distributed systems; process supervision

    Satish Parulekar

    Professor of Chemical Engineering
    Expertise: Chemical reaction engineering; reactions with separations; modeling and optimization of biological and chemical processes

    Fouad Teymour

    Johnson Polymer Professor
    Expertise: Complex system analysis; polymer reaction engineering