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    Advisory Board

    Mr. Joseph Braun

    Systems & Electronics, Inc.

    Mr. Dan Dixon

    Director of Engineering
    Molex Incorporated

    Dr. Max Epstein

    Professor Emeritus
    Northwestern University

    Mr. James Fitzgibbon

    Director of Intellectual Capital and Advanced Development
    The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

    Dr. Larry Greenstein

    Department Head
    AT&T Research Laboratory

    Dr. Lalita Jagadeesan

    Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff and Acting Director of Software Technology
    Lucent Technologies

    Dr. Charles Knop

    President--Chief Scientist
    EMRC, Inc.

    Mr. Thomas Klouda

    Senior EMC Engineer
    Elite Electronic Engineering Co., Inc.

    Mr. James Marth

    Bodine Electric Company

    Mr. William Podl

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Doran Scales, Inc.

    Mr. Yong-Hui Shu

    WiseWave Technologies, Inc.

    Mr. George Thomas

    Contemporary Control Systems, Inc.

    Dr. Kenneth Zdunek

    Vice President and Director
    Networks, Software and Internet Research Motorola, Inc.