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    Communication Systems

    For those who want to become proficient in communication system principles and applications, this certificate program contains two fundamental courses and a large number of elective courses for emphasis in data compression, computer networks, and analog/digital communications. No more than one course may be a 400-level course.

    Required courses

    • ECE 511 Analysis of Random Signals
    • ECE 513 Communication Engineering Fundamentals

    Elective courses

    (Two from the following)

    • ECE 403 Communication Systems
    • ECE 404 Digital Data Communications OR
    • ECE 406 Digital Data Communications with Laboratory
    • ECE 508 Signal and Data Compression
    • ECE 512 Mobile Communication Systems
    • ECE 514 Digital Communication Principles
    • ECE 515 Modern Digital Communications
    • ECE 519 Coding for Reliable Communications
    • ECE 541 Performance Evaluation or Computer and Communication Networks
    • ECE 545 Computer and Communication Networks