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    Master of VLSI and Microelectronics

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    Program: Master of VLSI and Microelectronics

    ECE Graduate Programs

    Course Requirements

    Required Core Courses (minimum of 4 core courses)
    ECE 425 Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits
    ECE 429 Introduction to VLSI Design
    ECE 529 Advanced VLSI Systems Design
    ECE 575 Electron Devices and/or ECE 415 Solid-State Electronics

    Computer Engineering Elective Courses (minimum of one course)
    ECE 485 Computer Organization and Design
    ECE 530 High Performance VLSI/IC Systems
    ECE 542 Design and Optimization of Computer Networks
    ECE 545 Advanced Computer Networks
    ECE 583 High Speed Computer Arithmetic
    ECE 584 VLSI Architectures for Signal Processing and Communications
    ECE 585 Advanced Computer Architecture
    ECE 586 Fault Detection in Digital Circuits
    ECE 587 Hardware/Software Codesign
    ECE 588 CAD Techniques for VLSI Design

    Electronics Elective Courses (minimum of one course)
    ECE 521 Quantum Electronics
    ECE 524 Advanced Electronic Circuit Design
    ECE 525 RF Integrated Circuit Design
    ECE 526 Active Filter Design
    ECE 527 Performance Analysis of RF Integrated Circuits
    ECE 551 Advanced Power Electronics
    ECE 570 Fiber Optic Communication Systems
    ECE 571 Nanodevices and Technology
    ECE 578 Microwave Theory
    ECE 579 Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics and Solid-State Electronics