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    MMAE Hosts ASM Materials Camp for Teachers

    ASM Materials Camp 2013 Photo

    On July 8–12, 2013, ASM Materials Camp for Teachers was held at MMAE Department. Three master teachers – Caryn Jackson (Tolles Career & Technical Center in Plain City, OH), Cynthia Hummel (Thomas Worthington High School in Columbus, OH) and Bernoli Baello (Northridge Preparatory School in Niles, IL) – led the Camp, which was offered by the ASM Materials Education Foundation and covered materials ranging from solids and metals to glass and composites. Full Article

    Congratulations MMAE Graduates

    Commencement 2013 Photo

    Over 130 MMAE students completed their degrees by the 2013 IIT Commencement: 86 BS degrees (AE – 22, ME – 54, MSE – 10), 41 Master’s degrees and 7 PhD degrees (MSE – 2, MAE – 5). Commencement 2013

    US News Graduate Rankings

    All three of MMAE academic programs advanced in the most recent US NEWS graduate rankings, with Aerospace Engineering advancing from 54th to 21st (score from 2.2 to 3.1), Mechanical Engineering advancing from 72nd to 68th (score from 2.5 to 2.6), and Materials Science and Engineering advancing from 74th to 59th (score from 2.0 to 2.3). US News and World Report

    MMAE Launches Co-Terminal Degrees

    This fall, MMAE will be launching new co-terminal degree options that will allow our undergraduate students to marry a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering with a master of engineering in mechanical and aerospace engineering or materials science and engineering. Qualified students who are admitted to one of these programs will take a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses during their final two years of study at IIT and allow for completion of both degrees within five years. These programs are ideal for students who want to further their knowledge in their chosen field or pursue complementary areas of study in preparation for a career in industry. More information

    IIT Wins Big in Parker Hannifin Chainless Challenge

    Parker Hannifin Chainless Challenge photo

    Five MMAE undergraduates—Bob Meyer, Dan Milewski, Sean O’Halloran, Josh Buck, and David Moreno [left to right in photo]—finished third overall in the Parker Hannifin [Corporation] Chainless Challege, held the week of April 7 in Irvine, CA. This marks the second time IIT has participated in the invitational event, whose objective is for teams to replace the chain of a bicycle with a fluid-power-driven system.

    Ten teams were invited to compete, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Purdue University, and the University of Minnesota. The competition featured six design categories, three performance categories, and best paper/presentation. IIT won all six design categories, placed second in endurance and fourth in the sprint race. The IIT students designed and built the bicycle completely on their own time and were the only team that did not use the competition as a project for their senior design course.

    Associate Professor Matthew Spenko served as IIT advisor. Congratulations to the team for an amazing performance! Full Article

    MMAE Graduate Student Wins MAGS Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award

     Amirhossein Arzani photo

    MMAE graduate student Amirhossein Arzani recently won the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award for his thesis entitled “Validation and Characterization of Turbulence in an Aortic Coarctation.” The award recognizes and rewards distinguished scholarship and research at the master’s level. To be considered, a thesis must contain original work that makes an unusually significant contribution to the discipline. Arzani won a $750 cash prize and traveled to present his work at the MAGS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis in early April 2013. Full Article

    MMAE Alum wins at Idea to Product (I2P) Regional Competition

    Idea to Product Competition Photo

    Alex Styles, a 2012 MMAE graduate, is on a team with three other IIT members that participated, and won, an Idea to Product (I2P) Regional Competition on April 6, 2013. They will participate in the final level of the I2P Global Competition in São Paulo, Brazil, in November 2013. Idea to Product is a unique academic competition looking at ideas at their earliest stage. Full Article

    2013 IIT Research Day Student Poster Competition

    Sahar Hendabadi Photo

    The Department congratulates Sahar Hendabadi (MMAE PhD student) and Christopher Stovall (MMAE undergraduate student) for winning in 2013 IIT Research Day Student Poster Competition on Wednesday, April 24. More than 50 graduate and undergraduate students from the College of Science and Letters and Armour College of Engineering participated in the Competition. Thirty-five faculty members volunteered to evaluate posters on clarity, content, and verbal and visual presentation. Judges selected three graduate-level winners and three undergraduate-level winners. Sahar Hendabadi was awarded the first place in the graduate category for her work "A Novel Technique to Identify Transport Templates in the Human Left Ventricle Using Doppler Echocardiography and Computational Modeling. " Sahar works in the research group of Prof. Shawn Shadden. Christopher Stovall won the second place in the undergraduate category with poster "Characterizing Turbulent Gusts in an Urban Environment for Use in Micro Air Vehicle Applications. " Christopher works under the scientific supervision of Prof. Candace Wark and Dr. Bruno Monnier.

    2013 MMAE Research Poster Competition

    2013 MMAE Research Poster Competition Photo

    The annual MMAE Research Poster Competition was held on April 5th, 2013. We were pleased to have 20 entries representing students at all degree levels – BS, MS, and PhD. All the candidates did excellent, and the winners were awarded a certificate and a monetary prize. Congratulations to the following winners:

    PhD Category:
    First place – Sahar Hendabadi (Prof. Shadden)
    Second place – Arash Kalantari (Prof. Spenko)

    MS Category:
    First place – Manisha Prakash (Prof. Raman)
    Second place – Martin Detrois (Prof. Tin)

    BS Category:
    First place – Christopher Stovall (Prof. Wark)
    Second place – Dominick Caponi (Prof. Raman)

    Associate Professor Matthew Spenko Interviewed by CBS 2 News about the Manufacturing of Guns on 3D-Printers

    Prof. Matthew Spenko Photo

    Matthew Spenko, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and an expert in mechanical design and the use of 3D-printers, was interviewed by CBS 2 Chicago on May 15, 2013. Professor Spenko was asked if 3D printers can make reliable and untraceable guns out of special plastics. He stated that we are a long way from making high quality guns, but that it is possible to make a gun that will shoot several times. Recently, a Texas man successfully fired a plastic gun and put the design data on his website until the government shut it down. Professor Spenko added that for about a decade, IIT has been using a 3D-printer very similar to the one the Texas man used to make his plastic gun. Watch Video

    Meet an Innovative IIT Student: Dane Christianson, Mechanical Engineering 2nd year

    Dane Christianson Photo

    Mechanical Engineering second year student Dane Christianson designed–and then constructed–the three-dimensional X-Cube in IIT’s Idea Shop using a 3D printer. "The Idea Shop is just fantastic," says Christianson. "When I found out that there is a work space at IIT devoted to creation, I was blown away." A video of Dane solving the puzzle has received more than 1.6 million views on YouTube. Full Article

    Kelly Lohr Speaks at Press Conference about the Importance of Innovation

    Kelly Lohr Photo

    Kelly Lohr, a 2013 graduate of the MMAE department and past Student Government Association President, spoke at a press conference on July 17, 2012. There, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and IIT President John Anderson declared that fundraising for a new Innovation Center will begin in 2013. The Innovation Center will be home to IIT’s Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO) that will be a facility where students and faculty can work with business, industry and the community. Kelly gave a speech about the importance of innovation. Full Article

    Ingenious Assembly Required [by Chicago Tribune]

    Arash Kalantari Photo

    Doctoral student, Arash Kalantari, of IIT Armour College of Engineering, (from left) mentoring students from Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy in Chicago. Arash joined the "team" two years ago and helps students to complete a project for the "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" competition. Arash focuses on teaching the students computer-assisted design and how to cut pieces with a laser. Full Article in Chicago Tribune

    IIT Expert is featured in NBC Channel 5 News Investigation Report

    Prof. Sheldon Mostovoy Photo

    Emeritus Associate Professor, Sheldon Mostovoy, of Materials Engineering in the MMAE Department and an expert in glass, was interviewed by a NBC Channel 5 News Investigative reporter on April 26, 2013. The Channel 5 News reported on a daring escape at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center that left a lot of unanswered questions about how the two convicts could escape. One question asked to Professor Mostovoy was how inmates could use a clothes iron to weaken and break glass in a cell window. Professor Mostovoy explained that the sharp edge of an iron can break glass, and if one side of the window is hot, and the other side cold, heating the window up to a high temperature and then cooling it quickly could give tremendous thermal strains to that window.

    HyTAQ Robot is developed in IIT Robotics Lab

    HyTAQ Robot Photo

    The HyTAQ Robot (Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor) was developed in the IIT Robotics Lab by Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Matthew Spenko and PhD candidate Arash Kalantari. The novel mobile robot is capable of both aerial and terrestrial locomotion. Flight is achieved through a quadrotor configuration; four actuators provide the required thrust. Adding a rolling cage to the quadrotor makes terrestrial locomotion possible using the same actuator set and control system. Thus, neither the mass nor the system complexity is increased by inclusion of separate actuators for terrestrial and aerial locomotion. Full Article

    MMAE Student Organizations

    MMAE is a home to 4 student organizations: AIAA-IIT, ASME, Material Advantage, and Graduate Student Advisory Council. All four were very active in the 2012–2013 school year with a variety of tours and professional development workshops for members as well as attendance at international and national professional society meetings. Some examples include

    • ASME student leaders attended the 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress in Houston, TX in Fall, 2012.
    • Material Advantage, the student organization for materials science and engineering societies, sent student delegates to the San Antonio, Texas 2013 TMS Meeting and the Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) meeting in Pittsburgh in Fall, 2012.

    AIAA-IIT Chapter Hosts 2013 AIAA Region III Student Conference

    2013 AIAA Region III Student Conference Photo

    On April 5–6, 2013, students of AIAA-IIT chapter hosted 2013 AIAA Region III Student Conference. Attendees included students from IIT, University of Michigan, Purdue University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Dayton, and Cleveland State University. Prof. Nagib gave a keynote presentation "Flight Testing the XV-15 Tiltrotor Aircraft with IIT Students Using Active Flow Control." The best presentations were awarded monetary prizes. The Organizing Committee thanks Dr. Gogineni (Director of AIAA Region III and President of Spectral Energies, LLC), Prof. Aggarwal (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Prof. Bowman (IIT) for guidance and help in organizing the Conference.

    Accolade information for MMAE

    • NSF Career Award – Prof. Shadden
    • Best Paper Award for the SIAM/ACM Joint Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling – Li and Prof. Qian
    • IOM Charles Hatchett Paper Award – Prof. Nash, Prof. Mostovoy, Hu, Tsosie and coworkers
    • Elected to Board of Directors for the American Ceramic Society – Prof. Bowman
    • Fellow of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) – Prof. Cramb
    • Keynote presentation on Energy Revolution at ISPlasma 2013 in Nagoya, Japan – Prof. Shaw
    • SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award 2013 – Prof. Wu

    2013 MMAE Spring Event and Departmental Awards Ceremony

    On April 29th, 2013, the Department held its 2013 MMAE Spring Event and Awards Ceremony. We are pleased to announce the following 2013 MMAE Department Awards winners:

    Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
    Rakesh Ramachandran

    MMAE Excellence in Teaching Award
    Prof. Benxin Wu

    MMAE Staff Award
    Bennetta Garrison


    The Department congratulates Dr. Matthew Spenko who was promoted to the position of Associate Professor by votes of IIT Board of Trustees on May 22nd, 2013.