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    Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering Program Overview

    The MMAE Undergraduate program has three areas of specialization (or tracks), all of which are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET):

    Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)

    Bachelor's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.M.S.E.)

    Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering (B.S.A.E.)

    These areas-while distinct in their concept-are not entirely separate, as a core exposure to mathematics and the basic sciences provide the foundation for later studies of engineering sciences relevant to the students' major fields of study. These areas include: energy, structures, and motion for the ME major; materials, structure-property relations, materials processing, service behavior, and design for the MSE major; and structures and materials, propulsion, and aerodynamics for the AE major.

    Regardless of the students' intended major, all MMAE students have a common curriculum for the first two semesters, allowing students to make informed choices about their particular areas of interest and giving them the flexibility to add double majors or minors with increased ease.

    Armour B.S. Enrollment Fall 2013

    Armour B.S. Degree Awarded 2013

    Useful Links

    Undergraduate Advising Guidelines: this document provides full program information for all of our undergraduate programs, and is intended as a resource for use by MMAE undergraduates and their advisors.

    Undergraduate Course Frequency Chart: this spreadsheet is intended to assist students in planning their program of study, along with their advisor.

    Dual Majors: shows the required courses for dual majors within the MMAE curricula.

    For degree programs of students admitted prior to Fall 2010 see the MMAE Academic Office.

    MMAE Minors: gives a list of minors within the MMAE department for MMAE students.

    Student Groups and Societies information is available at these organizations' own websites.

    MMAE's Academic Honesty Policy: all students should be familiar with this policy.

    Contact Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
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