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    Cardiologists will be more effectively able to evaluate a patient's heart function using single-photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT, thanks to a project currently underway at IIT's Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC). The project employs a special category of mathematical algorithms known as numerical observers to automatically determine the diagnostic value of the hundreds of SPECT images typically reviewed by radiologists. These new algorithms can be used to guide improvements in the design of new imaging systems.

    This is just one of numerous projects being conducted at MIRC, where engineers are developing new imaging modalities and techniques for the acquisition, processing, and analysis of medical images. MIRC researchers are leading numerous multi-institution research projects in X-ray imaging, image reconstruction, computer-aided diagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging, and neuroimaging. They are working to address the diagnostic needs of patients suffering from diabetes-related illnesses, prostate and breast cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury.

    "I'm very proud our of team’s success. It's very unusual for an engineering research group to compete so successfully in the field of medical imaging, which is generally dominated by large medical centers," says Miles Wernick, Motorola Professor of electrical and computer engineering and MIRC director.


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