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    Financial aid is available to students wishing to study abroad! If you participate in an approved study abroad program you are eligible to receive all the federal financial aid that you would have received if you were studying in the United States. Depending on the program you choose, you may also be able to utilize your IIT scholarships towards the cost of the program. Study Abroad programs at IIT are divided into two categories:

    Faculty-Led and IIT Exchange Programs: IIT scholarship monies and federal financial aid is available to students participating in these programs. You will continue to pay IIT tuition while you are abroad. The tuition costs at the foreign institution will be paid on your behalf pursuant to the terms of the Exchange Agreement.

    Partner and Provider Programs: Federal financial aid is available to students participating in these programs. Students are responsible for paying the foreign institution or the provider of their program directly. Any federal financial aid you receive will be issued to you by IIT via a refund check. Upon return to IIT, your IIT scholarship monies will be reinstated to your student account.

    Study Abroad Application Process

    How to apply for financial aid to study abroad:

    1. Complete the FAFSA. IIT's school code is 001691.
    2. Apply for study abroad program(s) with the International Center. The Study Abroad Office guide helps explain the application process.
    3. Complete the Financial Aid Study Abroad Worksheet. Schedule a meeting with our Study Abroad Liaison Melissa Hayne ( if you would like assistance completing and or reviewing the worksheet. Students can also schedule meetings with Melissa to review their financial aid eligibility abroad.
    4. Establish an electronic refund to receive funds online using the Student Accounting Office's electronic refund guide:
    5. Prior to departure, check with the Office of Financial Aid to make sure all outstanding requirements have been satisfied.
    6. Enjoy your trip!
    Financial Aid Budget Policy

    Students participating in study abroad may request a budget adjustment to accommodate expenses related to their program. This budget adjustment can include travel expenses, tuition and fees charges, excursion accommodations, room and board, and books.

    The student can submit a detailed budget from the academic department or submit a detailed spreadsheet listing estimated expenses, along with supporting documentation. Our Budget Estimate Worksheet is an excellent way to complete your detailed spreadsheet.

    Once this is submitted, the Office of Financial Aid will review your submission and adjust your budget as necessary.

    Financial Aid Disbursement Policy

    Students' institutional scholarships and federal financial aid cannot legally disburse until a minimum of 10 days before the first day of classes begin at IIT, regardless of the start date of the program abroad. This means a student may have to cover some payments and tuition costs while waiting for federal financial aid to disburse. Be prepared for this. To determine the disbursement date for the intended term abroad, you may contact our Study Abroad Liaison, Melissa Hayne (

    Private Scholarship Information

    Private Scholarship Resources

    The Study Abroad Office has an extensive list of resources for students traveling abroad seeking private scholarships. Be certain to review this list and start applying for scholarships early! Many study abroad scholarships have deadlines earlier than expected.

    Summer Financial Aid Policy

    After a student enrolls for the summer term, the Office of Financial Aid will package students for the summer term. This package may contain a university scholarship, as well as federal or state aid eligibility. Exact awards for institutional summer scholarships are determined by the Summer Financial Aid Continuation Policy.

    Undergraduate Students

    Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for Federal Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, and the Federal Pell Grant for the summer semester if they are enrolled in at least six credit hours and have remaining eligibility from the previous fall and spring terms. The Department of Education regulations state Pell-eligible students must maintain a satisfactory rate of progress toward the completion of their degree programs to qualify for the full Pell Grant during the upcoming academic year. In order to be eligible for the full Federal Pell Grant award during upcoming academic year, a student must satisfactorily complete and pass all registered credit hours during the Summer term, as well as 12 credit hours or more in the Fall term. If a student does not satisfactorily complete and pass all the required courses during Summer and Fall, the Spring Pell Grant amount may be reduced.

    Also, undergraduate students attending faculty-led and exchange programs are eligible for a proration of their existing institutional scholarships. The summer continuation scholarship covers the same percentage of tuition as their university scholarships cover during the regular academic year.

    Graduate Students

    Graduate students are eligible to apply for additional loan funds for summer assistance, providing they are enrolled at least half-time (3 credit hours) for summer.


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