Your Thesis With LaTeX in 6 Steps

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    STEP 3: Where to Download and How to Install

    MikTeX  and Winedt  programs are the most commonly used. MikTeX is an implementation of TeX program for Windows, and it is open source. It can be downloaded from the website: WinEdt is a Windows TeX editor. The program provides a graphical interface making it user friendly. The program may be used for an evaluation period of 31 days:

    Ghostscript and Ghostview PostScript interpreters are required as a graphical interface. The AFPL Ghostscript 8.00 and Ghostview 4.4 releases are used during the development of the style file. They may be downloaded from the website:

    In addition, lots of information on TeX-related material can be found at the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network on the web ( TeX Users Group home page is another link of interest (

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