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    Residence & Greek Life

    3241 S. Wabash Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60616
    Phone: 312.567.5075
    Fax: 312.567.5926

    VCM Frequently Asked Questions

    Summer Conference Staff

    Who is the Summer Conference Staff and how do I reach them?

    Once you have arrived, the Conference Housing Staff is ready to assist you. General inquiries can be directed to Residence and Greek Life at (312) 567-5075 or

    Summer Conference Team-

    Christina Marino, Gary Santos, and Nick North

    While on campus, you can stop by the Summer Conferences Office located in McCormick Student Village (MSV) for all your inquiries regarding housing, meal-plan, ID and parking. Community Desk Assistants (CDAs) are also available at each front desk 24 hours daily to attend to your needs and concerns. Each front desk can be reached by dialing:

    SSV North Building 312.808.7485

    SSV Middle Building 312.808.7486

    SSV South Building 312.808.7487

    McCormick Student Village 312.808.6500

    Gunsaulus Hall 312.808.7492

    Conference Amenities

    What amenities can I expect when I move in?

    Furnished Rooms

    All rooms are furnished with extra long twin beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers, and closets or armoire. Hangers are not provided.  All rooms are air conditioned.


    State Street Village (SSV) has private bathrooms. Double Rooms will share their private bathroom with their suite mate.

    Controlled Entryway

    All buildings have a front desk which is staffed 24-hours per day. Guests must scan their university issued ID card to gain access to the building. IIT housing has shared use of facilities; numerous conferences may be in SSV or MSV during your stay.


    Each room is equipped with linen. Guests will receive one sheet, towel, hand towel, and pillow case. A pillow and blanket is provided as well.

    Linen exchanges may be provided for groups staying more than one week (seven bed nights). For groups staying under one week (seven bed nights), no linen exchanges will be provided.  Guests are encouraged to bring their own personal linens as additional linens cannot be requested from conference staff.


    SSV has six rooftop decks available for recreational activities. Alcohol, sports, and grilling are prohibited from these areas.

    Laundry Facilities

    In SSV North and SSV Middle, laundry facilities are located on floors 2-4, and on floors 2-5 in SSV South. Your IIT ID is needed to operate the laundry machines. You can add TechCash to your card by visiting Access, Card, and Parking Services located in Hermann Hall on the 2nd floor or at:

    Vending Machines

    Snack and drink vending machines can be found in kitchenettes in SSV North and SSV Middle and in the 5th floor lounge in SSV South. Vending machines take both money and TechCash.

    Common Area Spaces

    All SSV buildings have study areas and lounges with televisions located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor. In addition, there is a lounge and activity area located on the 5th floor.


    Each room has phone jacks that will provide local (312 area code) service. You are expected to provide your own phone. You need a calling card if you choose to make calls outside of the 312 area code. Phone lines must be activated through the Office of Technology Services.

    Internet Access

    SSV, MSV, and Gunsaulus Hall have wireless internet access which is included in the housing fee. All guests are expected to provide their own computer and  wireless card. Please refer to your welcome packet for specific "Internet Hook-up" information.

    Public Transportation Options

    The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Green Line runs through IIT’s campus. The CTA Red Line is located approximately 3 blocks west of campus. Both lines will take you directly downtown in mere minutes. Busses also run on Michigan Ave. and State Street. Visit the Chicago Transit Authority’s website at to get more information.

    Copy & Mail Center

    You can purchase stamps and mail envelopes and boxes of any size overnight and overseas at the MTCC Mail and Copy center. You can also get everything from simple black and white copies to full color banners made at the Mail and Copy Center. Open 8:30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

    Campus Recreation

    Keating Sports Center is IIT’s sports facility located on the South end of campus.

    Keating houses two full-size basketball/volleyball courts, 4 racquetball courts, a weight room, and a 6-lane, 25 yard pool with both high and low diving boards.

    Excluded Services

    IIT Residence Halls, while effectively serving summer conference needs, are not hotel rooms. Daily room cleaning/making of beds, wake up calls, room service, etc, is not provided.

    Irons, hangers, alarm clocks, and televisions in rooms are not provided to guests.

    Residence Hall rooms are cleaned prior to a group’s arrival and again following their departure. Public areas (hallways, community bathrooms, lounges, etc.) are cleaned daily. Private bathrooms will be cleaned weekly for guests staying more than one week (seven bed nights). For guests staying under one week (seven bed nights), bathroom cleaning will not be provided.

    Room Maintenance

    What if my room needs maintenance?

    Please report all maintenance issues to Residence and Greek Life. A maintenance request may also be submitted online at or by calling Residence and Greek Life at 312-567-5075.


    Can I request a roommate?

    Roommates are assigned based on gender and space availability. State Street Village (SSV) floors are coed; individual apartments are not (unless requested). Roommates can be requested by logging onto and selecting Request Roommate. Every effort is made to place students who mutually request each other in the same room.. Each roommate must request each other (ie: John must request Peter, and Peter must request John). Residence and Greek Life will make all efforts to accommodate roommate requests. Roommate requests cannot be guaranteed.

    Applicants will be given priority based on availability and according to the date the completed application is submitted. Assignments are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.

    Conference Identification

    Do I need an IIT ID?

    If you will be staying on campus during your program, you should have your IIT ID card on you at all times. In addition to being used for identification purposes, your ID card has a variety of functions that play a key role to your daily activities on campus. You will also use your IIT ID card for your meal plan. It is also used to operate our on-campus laundry and vending machines.

    You will need your conference ID to access the MTCC after 7pm.

    Guest Accomodations

    How do I make arrangements for guests to visit?

    We encourage you to invite your guests to our campus. Summer residents are responsible for the behavior of their visitors and must sign in all visitors. The summer resident who signed them in must escort their guests at all times while in the building. Males and females alike must use appropriate bathroom facilities.

    All visitors are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

    • The Community Desk Assistant (CDA) must sign in all visitors.
    • The summer guest must provide the CDA with a valid IIT ID when a guest is signed in.
    • Visitors must be escorted by his/her host at all times.
    • The host may be subject to disciplinary action for his/her guest’s misconduct and may be liable for any damages caused by their guest.
    • Overnight visitors may stay in the residence halls, as long as they are registered with Residence and Greek Life. Visitors can stay for no charge one night. Visitors who stay multiple nights will be charged $30.00 per night. You can register an overnight visitor in the Summer Conference Office, located in McCormick Student Village (MSV).
    • Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight unless the host is present.
    • All visitors are expected to sign out of the building before they leave.
    • IIT and Residence and Greek Life are NOT responsible for guest IDs after the guests has left the building.
    Recommended Packing List

    What should I bring?

    If you are not sure what to bring with you, below are some suggestions:

    • Extra linens (pillow, blanket, towels, etc)
    • Clothing hangers
    • Alarm clock
    • Telephone
    • TV
    • VCR / DVD player
    • Coaxial Cable (if you are bringing a TV)
    • Iron (lounge use only)

    If you are registered to stay in a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment, you will have a kitchen within your unit. Below are some suggestions of items to bring:

    • Pots and pans
    • Cooking utensils and supplies
    • Plates and bowls
    • Silverware

    Are there any items I should not bring?

    There are certain items that are not allowed in the residence halls. Please review this listing of items. If any of these items are found in your room, Residence and Greek Life will ask that you remove them. We are able to offer storage for the item, free of charge. You would be able to pick up the item upon your departure.

    Prohibited items include:

    • Appliances with an exposed heating element (permitted in Gunsaulus Hall and SSV apartments)
    • Candles / incense
    • Hot plates
    • Microwaves (only permitted in Gunsaulus Hall and SSV apartments)
    • Pets, with the exception of fish in a tank smaller than 5 gallons
    • Refrigerators over 3.0 cubic feet or 4.0 cubic feet if energy  star rated, drawing no more than 2.0 amps
    • Multiple refrigerators in a room or apartment
    • Rice cookers (only permitted in Gunsaulus Hall and SSV apartments)
    • Space heaters
    • Toasters / toaster ovens (only permitted in Gunsaulus Hall and SSV apartments)
    • Waterbeds
    • Weapons
    • Hookahs
    • Explosives
    • Fire Propellants
    • Extension cords & outlet splitters
    • Coffee makers (permitted if it features an automatic shut off)
    What time is check-in?

    In order to check-in to your room, full payment for housing, meal plan, and, if applicable, parking, must be received. Full payment is required at or prior to check in. Guests may check-in starting at 12:00PM on their date of arrival.

    MECA student check-in location is TBD

    Vandercook 6-week student check-in location  is TBD

    What time is check-out?

    Guests must check-out no later than 9:00AM on the date of departure. Late departure is not available. Guests can check-out at the front desk.

    Are ADA accommodations available?

    Illinois Institute of Technology provides individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodations to participate in university activities, programs and services. Individuals with disabilities requiring an accommodation to participate in an activity, program or service should call the activity, program or service director.

    For further information on IIT’s resources for students, staff and faculty with disabilities contact:

    Center for Disability Resources - Illinois Institute of Technology

    3105 S Dearborn LS 252

    Chicago, IL 60616

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Cancellations of room and board must be made in writing, 10 days prior to the start of each session for a full return. Requests made between 10 days and the start of the session will be assessed a cancellation fee of $50. Any cancellations made on or after the move in day for the session will waive the full cost of room and board.


    In order to hold your reservation, a minimum payment of $50.00 must be received ten days prior to the start date of each session you are registered for. If the minimum payment is not received, your reservation will be canceled. In order to check-in to your room, full payment for housing, meal plan, and, if applicable, parking, must be received at or prior to check-in.You can make a payment by credit card, check or money order. Cash payments are not accepted. To make a credit card payment online. Personal checks or money orders should be made payable to Illinois Institute of Technology and mailed to:

    Residence and Greek Life
    Attn: Vandercook Housing
    3241 S Wabash
    Chicago, IL 60616

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellations for housing, meal plan, and if applicable, parking, must be made in writing, ten days prior to the start of each session for a full return. Cancellations made between nine days and the start of the session will forfeit a $50.00 cancellation fee.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    What is the alcohol policy?

    Responsible alcohol use and possession is permitted within campus housing for those summer guests and their visitors who are 21 years of age and older, in accordance with Illinois State Law.

    • Only single-serving containers (bottles or cans, no kegs or pony kegs) are allowed in the residence halls and may only be consumed within the privacy of the summer guest’s room by persons 21 years of age and older.
    • Alcohol is NOT permitted in lounges, hallways, basements, courtyard, rooftop decks, or any other common area.
    • Transport of alcoholic beverages to a summer guest’s room from outside the building is allowed by those who are 21 years of age and older. Containers must be closed.
    • Transport of open alcohol (including alcoholic beverages in cups) from room to room or apartment to apartment is prohibited.
    • Rooms where both summer guests are under 21 are considered "dry" rooms. Alcohol is NOT permitted in dry rooms.

    Can I smoke in my room?

    Smoking is not permitted in the residence halls or within 15 feet of any entrance to the residence halls.


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