Adrienne Chin-Perez

B.S in Psychology, 2007
Manager, Globalpark

As an undergraduate with interests in psychology, business, and political science, Adrienne Chin-Perez found a way to bring them all together in market research. What she learned through her favorite classes at IIT College of Psychology - Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Marketing, and Introduction to the Professions - guided her to her career decision.

Chin-Perez began working part-time for SurveyU, which captures the opinions and insights of college students, and Globalpark, a developer of survey software. She joined Globalpark in a full-time project management position upon graduation, and helps facilitate the use of Globalpark software with clients from a range of different industries.

"There are always a hundred different interpretations to one statement," says Chin-Perez. "Understanding subjective bias when writing questionnaires or using statistics in reports helps me create the most valid and reliable information. It also aids me in working with people from many different backgrounds and with different management styles."

Chin-Perez was a member of the IIT Chapter of the Psi Chi National Honor Society and served as its president from 2006–07. She was also part of the Student Marketing Advisory Board that was instrumental in the development of IIT's branding campaign. Often the sole undergraduate presenting her research findings at conferences, Chin-Perez largely attributes her educational experience to her continued motivation.

"Research not only supplied me with the knowledge, it also instilled in me a strong sense of self-efficacy so that I could accomplish goals in many areas," she explains. "I would not have the interest or drive I have now to excel without the research I did over the years."


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