Erik Harpstead

Looking back over his first couple of years as a college student, Erik Harpstead says that he has made a most interesting observation about Illinois Institute of Technology.

“Psychology is treated like an actual science at IIT,” he says, noting that his program at the College of Psychology provides very good training for students who are interested in working in scientific fields. In his pursuit of a computer science minor, Harpstead appreciates that he can investigate a wide scope of technical directions during his college years.

Since coming to IIT, Harpstead says that he has learned to think like a psychologist, thanks in part to a basic course he took his first year. “A large portion of Introduction to the Profession is devoted to student observations and speculations on the behavior of their peers, which gives students the opportunity to consider things they might not have otherwise,” he explains.

Harpstead has taken advantage of several extracurricular activities, including membership in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, serving on the group’s leadership team since his first year on campus. “I came to IIT with the same stereotypical view of fraternities, but I quickly found that IIT's Greek community defies that stereotype,” he says. In early 2010, Harpstead also participated in a study-abroad program in Japan, giving him the opportunity to expand his observation skills and gain new cultural experiences.


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