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    Institute for
    Food Safety
    and Health

    Illinois Institute of Technology
    Moffett Campus
    6502 South Archer Rd.
    Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957
    (P) 708.563.1576

    Facilities and Offices

    We Haven't Moved, but Our Address has Changed

    Please note: Effective immediately, the Institute for Food Safety and Health (formerly National Center for Food Safety and Technology) is changing its township from Summit Argo to Bedford Park to reflect the actual physical location of the facility and to make it easier for visitors to find the building. Summit Argo was an arbitrary designation made by the US Post Office many years ago when it determined that the building was located in a borderline district. The new address is 6502 South Archer Road, Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957.

    IFSH Headquarters, IIT Moffett Campus
    6502 South Archer Road
    Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957

    The Institute for Food Safety and Health is located at IIT’s Moffett Campus in Bedford Park, Illinois. The physical resources of IFSH include offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, a library, several laboratories, and pilot plants.

    The IFSH facility currently consists of two major buildings and three minor structures situated on 5.5 acres of land. The 50,000-sq. ft. main building contains offices, meeting room space, reception area/lobby, library, and several laboratories. A second, connected building contains IFSH’s three-story, 55,000  sq. ft. industrial scale pilot plant, as well as meeting rooms and office space. A smaller, 7,000 sq. ft. building, houses the Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant. A hazardous waste building and a greenhouse also are located onsite.

    Research facilities at IFSH include:

    •  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Pilot Plant
    •  GMP Processing and Kitchen Area
    •  BSL-2 Food Processing Innovation Laboratory
    •  Fresh Produce Processing Line
    •  BSL-3 Biocontainment Pilot Plant and Laboratory
    •  Molecular Microbiology Laboratories
    •  Proficiency Testing Laboratories
    •  Applied and Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
    •  Clinical Nutrition Research Center
    •  Nutrition and Biochemistry Laboratories

    Clinical Nutrition Research Center (CRNC)
    10 West 35th Street, Suite 3D6-1
    Chicago, IL 60616

    In support of its Health Promoting Foods scientific platform and capabilities, the IFSH Clinical Nutrition Research Center, located in the IIT Research Tower on main campus in Chicago, is a 5,000-sq. ft. facility designed and dedicated for the purpose of conducting outpatient clinical research studies. The study center is resourced with state-of-the-art clinical, laboratory and foodservice support for executing a variety of human research to determine the health benefits of a range of foods, focusing on safety and efficacy, dose response, bioavailability and mechanisms by which food compounds promote enhanced nutrition.

    The CNRC includes office space for staff, a business center, document control closets and files, welcome reception desk and waiting area and call center for subject recruiting. The CNRC features accommodations for on-site subject/patient screening and training, including:

    •  Multiple private examination and consultation room
    •  Metabolic kitchen for test food preparation and distribution
    •  Two distinct food intake suites for communal dining and/or individual dining
    •  Stations adapted for phlebotomy use or catheter implantation and management
    •  Specimen processing, storage and fresh sample analysis laboratory

    Facilities and equipment for conducting standard and specialized assays on collected specimens occur at the IFSH Moffett Campus facility in Bedford, Park.


    IFSH Library, Moffett Campus

    The IFSH library is a branch of IIT’s Galvin system managed by a full-time onsite librarian under the supervision of the university’s dean of libraries. The primary mission of the IFSH Library is to support the educational, teaching and research needs of those individuals affiliated with the institute.

    The library has a main reading room of approximately 1,500 sq. ft. and two floors of stack areas below the main level of approximately 600 sq. ft. each. The IFSH library collection has expanded from about 4,000 to 6,000 books and monographs in the areas of food processing, food safety and food technology, chemistry, and microbiology, as weIl as a serials collection of more than 183 titles. The IFSH library is one of 10 libraries located in the United States that receives Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) publications. The FAO collection dates back to 1965 and includes over 4,000 volumes. The library offers seating for 45 people, includes four computer workstations, wireless access, and a printer, copier, and scanner.

    The collections at the IFSH Library are available only to currently registered Moffett Campus graduate students, IFSH/IIT faculty and staff members, IFSH tenants, and FDA personnel. The IFSH Library is also open to the institute's corporate members by appointment.

    Librarian: David Griesemer,


    Did You Know?

    Moffett Campus, now home to the Institute for Food Safety and Health (formerly National Center for Food Safety and Technology) was created with a $6.9 million donation of seven buildings and grounds by CPC International (Corn Products Co. International) to IIT in 1988. The Moffett Campus consists of extensive office, laboratory and pilot plant space located in Bedford Park, Ill., in the west suburbs of Chicago. It was built in 1948-49 and named in honor of George M. Moffett, then-president of Corn Products Refining Co.

    The main building features bas relief murals created by renowned architectural sculptor Lee Lawrie (1877-1963), who is best known for his towering figure of Atlas in front of New York City’s Rockefeller Center. The panels depict various scenes of the history of corn and corn production in the Americas, including a buffalo hunt showing primitive corn grass, Native Americans cultivating and harvesting corn, and American corn milling and processing. One panel, labeled "Argo," appears to be symbolic of the Moffett Technical Center itself, showing an engineer working in a pilot plant, a chemist with retorts and test tubes, and a scientist using a microscope.

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    Institute for Food Safety and Health | Illinois Institute of Technology | Moffett Campus
    6502 South Archer Rd. Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957 (P) 708.563.1576