Bird Walk

Join in a walk around the Main Campus to find and look at migrant birds at 7:30 am on Friday, May 16, 2014 on the west side of Siegel Hall.

The campus serves as an urban oasis for birds going north in spring and south in fall, and a nice variety of them can be found here during the migratory periods. In recent years, the Main Campus was home to a Cooper’s Hawk during the winter, and Peregrine Falcons find the IIT Tower a useful perch from which to hunt. Read a summary of the campus bird walk from May 2013.

The walk will be led by Vice President of External Affairs David Baker and Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Geoffrey Williamson, who recently received the American Birding Association’s Ludlow Griscom Award for his contributions to regional ornithology.

Note: The walk will last an hour and 15 minutes. Bring a pair of binoculars (a small number of pairs of binoculars will be available for loan).