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  • New IIT Bookstore Resource for Faculty and Staff

    New IIT Bookstore Resource for Faculty and Staff

    Introducing FacultyEnlight! A message from IIT Bookstore Manager Joshua Shaver: I know that you want a simplified textbook adoption process that provides you and your students with the course materials you need to ensure academic success. To help, I’m excited to let you know that we’ve launched a new, online adoption platform called FacultyEnlight—a simple, user-friendly experience that will help you discover, adopt and deliver your course materials to the campus bookstore. Built from extensive faculty research, FacultyEnlight combines search capabilities along with product reviews, making it easier than ever to select from our robust, academically oriented catalog. You’ll also be able to review your past three years of adoption history if you decide to register. And, by submitting your adoptions early, we’re able to provide IIT students with more cost saving options such as rental, digital and used books.

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