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    Register for the 12th Annual Design Research Conference

    The 2013 Design Research Conference "Exploring Creative Balance in Design" hosted by IIT Institute of Design will be held Tuesday, October 8 through Wednesday, October 9 at The Field Museum in Chicago.

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  • tidytilt

    Logitech Acquires Kickstarter-funded TT Design Labs, a Startup Founded by IIT Institute of Design Alumni

    Less than two years ago Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorinia began developing their first product, TidyTilt, as part of a class project at IIT Institute of Design in Chicago. In June 2013, Logitech acquired Tarnow and Tashakorinia's TT Design Labs and the products they have developed since the initial launch.

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    IIT Institute of Design Open House

    You are invited to IIT Institute of Design on Wednesday, June 12 to learn about the methods and frameworks we teach, to talk with faculty, students and alumni, and to find out how design makes a difference.

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  • Aaron-Otani

    MDes Student Aaron Otani Wins KPCB Fellowship

    Congratulations to IIT Institute of Design Master of Design student Aaron Otani, who beat out 2,000 applicants from more than 200 universities to win the Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers fellowship this summer. You can check out Wired magazine's scoop on what Otani will be up to by clicking here.

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  • makingthenew

    IIT ID End of Year Show: “Making the New”

    Join IIT Institute of Design as it celebrates diverse student projects that examine what it means to design across cultures and technologies, in both local and global contexts. Be immersed in research and exploration that push the boundaries of new.

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  • Forlano

    Meet an Innovative Faculty Member: Laura Forlano and the urban environment

    Laura Forlano's research could change the way we interact with the urban environment. By collaborating with entrepreneurs and community leaders, she and her IIT Institute of Design colleague Anijo Mathew explore ways to embed Wi-Fi routers, QR codes, and more to make everyday city life a little easier.

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    ID Strategy Conference: Special Rate for IIT Students, Faculty and Staff

    IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference brings together thought leaders from industry, civic organizations and government to see and discuss new ways of working that fit the volatility of today. Our distinguished list of speakers includes Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, The Paradox of Choice author Barry Schwartz, Evernote founder Stepan Pachikov and Creative Commons CEO Catherine Casserly who will talk with us about emerging ideas in design and innovation.

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  • “In the Loop” with Lucas Graves, Disruptive by Design: Fact-Checking in the News

    “In the Loop” with Lucas Graves, Disruptive by Design: Fact-Checking in the News

    Multiple fact-checking organizations have emerged in the United States over the last decade, groups which use trained staff and dedicated resources to assess the truth of public claims. Discussing his current research, Lucas Graves will examine a set of emergent practices, and an accompanying journalistic discourse, which have coalesced into a reform movement reaching to the center of the elite news media.

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  • Design Summer Camp

    Design Summer Camp

    Each summer IIT Institute of Design hosts two sessions of Design Summer Camp, a five-day immersive experience into the design process that draws professionals from corporations and not-for-profit institutions from around the world. Participants learn to incorporate design methods into how they build new business offerings and enhance existing brands.

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  • ID's Winning Team (left to right) Thomas  Gaskin, Katie Kowaloff, Stephanie  Smith, and Wojtek Tusz

    IIT Institute of Design Wins Rotman Business Design Challenge for Second Consecutive Year

    IIT Institute of Design has won the Rotman Design Challenge for the second consecutive year. The Challenge brings together top talent from leading business schools around the world to solve a business design challenge posed by an innovative and forward-thinking sponsor. This year's competition was held March 2–3 in Toronto, Canada.

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