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  • msa bbq may 5.jpg

    MSA Spring Barbecue

    The Muslim Students' Association at IIT invites all students and staff to the annual spring barbecue from 1 - 4 pm on Saturday, May 5.

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    MSA Graduation Banquet

    In honor of IIT students graduating this May or summer 2012, the Muslim Students' Association (MSA) is hosting a graduation banquet from 1 -3 pm on Saturday, April 21 at the Herman Hall Ballroom.

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  • Quran – The Miracle Recitation – Date Corrected

    Quran – The Miracle Recitation – Date Corrected

    Quran - it means "The Recitation." Indeed, the Quran is meant to be recited and not just read, and it has a most beautiful, melodious tone that mesmerizes the listener! So what is the Quran? What do 1.5 billion Muslims in the world believe about it? Why do they call it a miracle? What concepts and ideas are talked about in the Quran? Come find out this Friday night!

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  • DIW poster 1.jpg

    Discover Islam Week 2012

    The Illinois Institute of Technology Muslim Students' Association (MSA) invites the IIT community to Discover Islam Week (DIW) 2012. The theme this year is Social Justice & Rights in Islam. Food will be provided and we have a great host of events planned for the week. Tuesday's lecture will be the keynote event “Islam, Shariah and Human Rights.”

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  • iitMSA Fundraising to Help Tornado Victims

    iitMSA Fundraising to Help Tornado Victims

    In the first week of March, more than 11 states were hit hard by an early round of spring tornadoes. The storms came earlier than usual this spring and in the middle of the night, leaving many families unprepared for the devastation. Thousands of people were affected, hundreds of homes wiped away and 40 people lost their lives.

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  • MSA general body meeting

    MSA general body meeting

    Muslim Students Association (MSA) will hold its second general body meeting from 12:45-1:35 on Thursday, March 8 in the Wishnick Hall auditorium. All students are welcome to attend! Lunch will be served.

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  • iitmsa_arabicclasses

    MSA Offering Free Arabic Classes

    Muslim Students Association (MSA) will offer free intermediate Arabic classes with a certified instructor during the spring semester. Classes will begin on Tuesday, February 21, and will run for eight weeks.

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  • MSA General Body Meeting

    MSA General Body Meeting

    This general body meeting will serve to update you on what the Muslim Students Association (MSA) has been up to recently and what events may be planned for the future.

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