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  • Securing IIT’s Wireless Network

    Securing IIT’s Wireless Network

    Over the past several years, the Office of Technology Services (OTS) has upgraded the IIT Main Campus wireless network to a faster and more secure technology. The secure (encrypted) wireless network, IIT-Secure, is available in most campus buildings and will continue to be deployed throughout the campus. In late July, OTS will begin disconnecting the non-encrypted IIT-WiFi wireless network. When the IIT-WiFi network is disabled, the OTS managed networks on Main Campus will be: IIT-Connect: a gateway for current IIT students, faculty and staff to set up their wireless devices to use the IIT-Secure network. All users should select IIT-Connect the first time they use wireless on Main Campus or before attempting to connect to IIT-Secure and follow the instructions to set up their device. After initial set up is complete, IIT-Secure will be their preferred wireless network. IIT-Connect is also the wireless network for IIT guest and tenant use. IIT-Secure: IIT’s primary wireless network. Users must use their myIIT login to use the network. IIT-Console: a wireless network dedicated to gaming systems in student housing. The legacy “iit” network will remain visible in some locations. However, when the wireless infrastructure in those buildings is upgraded, “iit” will be replaced by IIT-Secure.

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  • googlemail-128

    New Compose and Reply Experience Now Default for IIT Gmail

    (UPDATED APRIL 9, 2013)...Google has rolled out its new Compose and Reply experience in Gmail. The new Compose allows you to write messages in a cleaner, simpler experience that puts the focus on your message itself, not all the features around it.

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  • google_apps_ring

    Changes to myIIT Channels and Default Google Apps Landing Page

    On the evening of Friday, March 22, Office of Technology Services (OTS) will make several changes to the default myIIT Welcome Tab layout and default Google Apps landing page during the OTS weekly maintenance window.

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  • Changes to myIIT Time Sheet and Banner Finance Channels

    Changes to myIIT Time Sheet and Banner Finance Channels

    On Friday, March 8, 2013, several myIIT channels will be updated. The current Time Reporting channel in myIIT will be replaced with two channels, Time Reporting and Time Approval. The layout of the channels will be different, but the time sheet format will remain the same and there will be no impact on hours already entered into time sheets.

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  • Mandatory myIIT Password Rotation Begins January 28

    Mandatory myIIT Password Rotation Begins January 28

    Proper password management is very important to keeping personal and work information secure. To maintain a secure computing environment, IIT will be instituting a password rotation procedure that requires users to change their myIIT password at a minimum of once a year.

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  • Connect to the IIT Secure Wireless Network

    Connect to the IIT Secure Wireless Network

    The Office of Technology Services is updating Main Campus wireless access to take advantage of current encryption methods for the safety and security of our community. This February, OTS will begin retiring the non-encrypted IIT-WiFi wireless network leaving the IIT-Secure network available. The IIT-Secure wireless network can be used in most Main Campus buildings; check the campus wireless map for coverage information.

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  • Blackboard_Logo_235x227.gif

    Blackboard 9.1 Is Live

    Over the weekend, OTS made the formal URL switch: the Blackboard icon in the MyIIT portal and nowpoint to our new system, Blackboard 9.1.

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  • Blackboard_Logo_235x227.gif

    Blackboard Workshops Coming Soon

    Beginning in December, IIT Online will offer three new faculty workshops in addition to the general orientation session for Blackboard. These are hands-on workshops to introduce and support faculty in building courses.

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    Google+ Important Requirement: Sign Up Using Accurate Birthdate

    As part of your Google Apps for Education at IIT account, you have access to create a Google+ social media page for interacting with other Google+ users on topics of common interest. To create your page, login into Google Apps for Students or Faculty/Staff in myIIT. Once in the Google environment, click the name+ link upper left on the page to get started.

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  • Google_Drive_Logo

    Switch Your Google Docs Interface to Google Drive (Updated)

    As part of your Google Apps for Education at IIT, you have access to a Documents list where you can upload documents, create Google docs, forms, spreadsheets and more. Google is changing the interface for Documents to Google Drive this month. If you have already opted-in to use Google Drive, you will not see any change. If you do nothing, when your account is switched to the Google Drive user interface, it will replace your existing Documents List, without losing any of our existing files.

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