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    Gmail and Google Apps

    Go to the Using Google Apps at IIT website to browse how-tos, Frequently Asked Questions and step-by-step instructions for using Google Mail, Calendar, Groups Sites and more.

    How do I access my new Gmail account?
    Access email and other Google Apps tools via the myIIT portal. Select the icon/link for Google Apps for Students or Google Apps for Faculty and Staff to access the Google Environment. When all members of the IIT community have been migrated to the new Google email environment the old Email, Calendar and Groups icons will be removed from myIIT.

    Why are student and employee email domains different? ( vs.
    Student email accounts were moved to Google in fall 2011 and IIT employee email remained on the OTS managed system at that time. To enable early student migration to Google a new domain name had to be established. As employee accounts are migrated they will remain on the domain.

    What will be migrated?
    All email messages from your account will be migrated except those that have been marked as deleted or are in the Trash folder. Sub folders will migrate to Gmail Labels. Messages in your sub-folders will be moved to the corresponding Gmail Label.

    NOTE: Google will not accept attachments with some file types. Any emails with these attachments will not be migrated.

    How do I sync my personal Gmail account with my IIT Gmail account?
    You can use a freeware software call Gmail Backup to move messages and associated labels from a commercial Gmail account to your new IIT Gmail account.


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