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    Download the forms associated with the Controller's Office Policies & Procedures from the list below.  Not all forms are maintained by the Controller's Office. If you have questions about how to fill out the forms, please contact the office that manages the form.

    Alphabetical listing of forms

    Form Name Managed By


    Payroll Authorization Form Human Resources


    Request for Check (formerly known as CDV) Controller | Accounts Payable
    Partial Shipment Form Controller | Accounts Payable
    Travel and Expense Direct Deposit Declaration Controller | Accounts Payable
    Form used to opt-out of direct deposit for travel & expense reimbursement
    Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement - 2015
    Only use for expenses through 12/31/2015
    Controller | Accounts Payable
    Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement - 2016
    Use for expenses incurred 1/1/2016 and later
    Controller | Accounts Payable
    Travel and Business Expense Instructions Controller | Accounts Payable
    Request for Wire Transfer Controller | Accounts Payable
    W-9 Identification Number and Certification Controller | Accounts Payable


    Budget Change Form

    Finance | Budget


    Tuition Deferment Form Controller | Bursar
    Tuition Refund Approval Form Controller | Bursar
    Detail Code Request Form Controller | Bursar


    Banner Finance Security Form Controller | General Accounting
    Capital Project Proposal Form Controller | General Accounting
    Disposal / Transfer / Sale of Equipment Form Controller | General Accounting
    Equipment Acquisition Request Controller | General Accounting
    FUPLOAD Journal Voucher Controller | General Accounting
    Journal Entry Form Controller | General Accounting
    Incentive Card Sign Off Form Controller | General Accounting
    Moving Expenses Controller | General Accounting
    New Fund Request Controller | General Accounting
    New Org, Account, or Program Request Controller | General Accounting
    Project Close Out Form Controller | General Accounting
    Recharge Center Form Controller | General Accounting
    Travel Request Controller | General Accounting
    Understanding of Taxability Form Controller | General Accounting


    Advanced Expenditure Authorization Controller | Grant / Contract Accounting
    Reallocation Form Bi-weekly and Monthly Salary Controller | Grant / Contract Accounting
    Cost Transfer Form Controller | Grant / Contract Accounting


    Address Change Form Controller | Payroll
    Direct Deposit Authorization Controller | Payroll
    Direct Deposit Authorization Instructions Controller | Payroll
    Duplicate W2 Request Controller | Payroll
    Timesheet Adjustment Time In/Time Out Controller | Payroll
    Timesheet Adjustment Exempt Controller | Payroll
    Timesheet Adjustment Non Exempt Controller | Payroll
    Stop Payment Request Controller | Payroll
    Request for Payroll Redistribution Controller | Payroll


    Bus Rider Document Controller | Purchasing
    Catering Rider Controller | Purchasing
    Cost and Price Analysis Worksheet Controller | Purchasing
    Conditions of Purchase Controller | Purchasing
    Copier Assessment Tool Controller | Purchasing
    Debarment Certification Controller | Purchasing
    Insurance Letter to Contractors Controller | Purchasing
    Independent Contractor Questionnaire Controller | Purchasing
    Request for Change Order Controller | Purchasing
    Tax Exemption and Credit References Controller | Purchasing
    Vendor Payment Terms and FOB Controller | Purchasing
    Vendor Application Use this form only for vendors that wish to be considered as potential vendors for IIT, but who are not awaiting a pending order. Controller | Purchasing
    Nominated Vendor Application Use this form for vendors that are being added to Banner based on pending receipt of their first order. Controller | Purchasing
    Vendor Nomination Form Controller | Purchasing
    Sole Source Justification Controller | Purchasing
    Vendor Selection Form Controller | Purchasing
    Application for Procurement Card Controller | Purchasing
    Cardholder's Agreement (Sample) Controller | Purchasing
    Cardholder Manual Controller | Purchasing
    VISA Cardholder Manual Controller | Purchasing
    Missing Receipt Affidavit Controller | Purchasing
    Procurement Card Reconciliation and Approval Form Controller | Purchasing
    Procurement Card Reconciliation and Approval Process Decision Tree Controller | Purchasing
    VISA PNC Billing Inquiry (Dispute) Form Controller | Purchasing
    Commodity Codes

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    Link to government related forms and resources
    Illinois W-4 Form
    Federal W-4

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