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    Enrollment and Degree Verifications

    Enrollment and degree verifications are used by students and outside agencies to certify the current or past status of a student at IIT. Illinois Institute of Technology has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications.

    Student Enrollment Verifications

    From a current student's Academics tab in their myIIT account, students can link to the National Student Clearinghouse and do the following:

    • Print an Enrollment Verification Certificate that can be sent to health insurers, housing providers, or other organizations requiring proof of enrollment
    • Print an enrollment letter, which the Office of the Registrar can certify for a "Good Student Discount," that can be given to auto insurance companies and others to obtain student discounts on goods and services
    • Check the deferment forms and electronic notifications that have been sent to their lenders
    • Obtain a list of student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information
    • View enrollment history and find out when Illinois Institute of Technology is scheduled to send the Clearinghouse its next enrollment update
    • View enrollment verifications sent to student service providers per the student's request or the service provider's request (with student consent)

    Third-Party Verifications

    If you are an outside agency (i.e. bank, insurance company, prospective employer, etc.) and wish to verify the enrollment or degree of a current IIT student or alum, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse:


    Mail: National Student Clearinghouse
            13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
            Herndon, VA 20171

    Phone: 703.742.4200

    Fax: 703.318.4058

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