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    Research News

    October 2005 Issue

    Table of Contents:

    NIH Eliminates Mailing of Paper Notifications

    Vincent Turitto Joins BMES Inaugural Class of Fellows

    Research Equipment Sharing Corner

    Recent IIT Awards

    NIH Manuscript Submission System - New Policy

    Research Support Services 2005 Workshop Series


    Past Issues of Research News

    NIH Eliminates Mailing of Paper Notification

    NIH Announces Plans to Eliminate Mailing of Paper Notifications:
    Summary Statements & Peer Review Outcome Letters (NOT-OD-05-075) National Institutes of Health

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    Vincent Turitto Joins BMES Inaugural Class of Fellows

    Vincent Turitto, chairman, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and
    director, Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering, was
    named a member of the 2005 inaugural class of fellows of the Biomedical
    Engineering Society (BMES). Inaugural class members were honored in a formal induction ceremony held in conjunction with the BMES Annual Meeting,
    September 29 in Baltimore.
    Turitto's nomination as BMES fellow recognized his "contributions to understanding the importance of hemodynamics on processes of hemostasis and thrombosis and for demonstrating how local shear conditions contribute to bleeding observed in hemostatis disorders."

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    Research Equipment Sharing Corner

    Research equipment is expensive, but sharing it reduces costs and helps the IIT research enterprise. Sometimes, faculty join together as a group to submit a proposal for extramural funding for research equipment. If you are interested in such an effort, please know that ORCPD would be happy to help broadcast your intentions and will help you seek others who would be interested in participating with you.

    Please check out current equipment and announce what you have to share.

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    Recent IIT Awards

    Awards received during August 2005 at IIT

    Awards received during September 2005 at IIT

    Important Note: a “$0” next to an award indicates a no-cost extension has been granted.

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    NIH Maunscript Submission System - New Policy

    A new functionality in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system ( for the NIH Policy on Enhancing Public Access to Archived Publications Resulting from NIH-Funded Research (Public Access Policy). 

    Now a third party (e.g., assistant, librarian, publisher, etc.), with the author's permission, can upload Public Access Policy related manuscripts to the NIHMS system on behalf of the author. To do so, click on "MyNCBI" from

    A list of Policy resources is given below.  A brief description of the Policy and manuscript submission process is further down the page.

    Policy Resources:

    NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) System:

    • eRA Commons (for NIH Extramural principal investigators, grantees or applicants
    • NIH Login (for Intramural NIH scientists and staff)
    • MyNCBI (for third party submitters)

    Authors' Manual:

    • Specific details about the submission process

    Public Access Policy Website:

    Questions and Answers:

    • Do you have questions about the Public Access Policy? Refer to Public Access FAQ
    • Do you have questions about the submission process? Refer to the NIHMS FAQ

    Public Access Policy Mailbox:

    National Institutes of Health's Policy on Enhancing Public Access to Archived Publications Resulting from NIH-Funded Research
    (Public Access Policy).

    What does the policy say?

    The Policy requests and strongly encourages all NIH-funded investigators to make their peer-reviewed author final manuscripts available to other researchers and the public at the NIH National Library of Medicine's (NLM) PubMed Central (PMC) ( immediately after the final date of journal publication. Authors are given the option to release their manuscripts at a later time, up to 12 months after the official date of final publication. NIH expects that only in limited cases will authors deem it necessary to select the longest delay period.

    NIH is requesting that authors submit manuscripts resulting from 1) currently funded NIH research projects or 2) previously supported NIH research projects if they are accepted for publication on or after May 2, 2005. The Policy applies to all research grant and career development award mechanisms, cooperative agreements, contracts, Institutional and Individual Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards, as well as NIH intramural research studies. The Policy applies to peer-reviewed, original research publications that have been supported in whole or in part with direct costs from NIH, but it does not apply to book chapters, editorials, reviews, or conference proceedings. Publications resulting from non-NIH-supported research projects should not be submitted.

    How do authors submit their manuscripts?

    • Go to the NIH manuscript submission (NIHMS) system ( [Principal Investigators can also submit manuscripts from the eRA Commons in the "Publication" section under "Personal Profile"].
    • Select the appropriate login option (Note: the same login should be used for all subsequent visits to the NIHMS system):
    • NIH extramural investigators select "eRA Commons" (see " What is the NIH eRA Commons?" in the Authors' Manual (
    • NIH intramural employees select "NIH."
    • 3 rd parties select "MyNCBI."
    • Provide basic information, including the journal title, PI, contact information, and associated NIH award number(s).
    • Upload the complete text of your manuscript(s). The NIHMS supports a wide variety of file types (MS Word, Word Perfect, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).
    • Upload any corresponding, supplemental image files that contain figures, tables, or supplementary information along with the manuscript. Just as provided to publishing journals, submit high-resolution images to ensure that they can be viewed properly in PMC. Any supplemental material submitted to the accepting journal in support of the manuscript will be accepted also. The NIHMS will generate a receipt of the uploaded files in PDF format. The PDF receipt summarizes the information entered into the system and merges the manuscript's files into one viewable document.
    • Confirm that the manuscript and any additional supporting documents have been successfully received by NIHMS, and verify the document.

    Note: Authors must complete the remaining steps.  3 rd party submitters have completed the upload process at this point.

    • Authors must confirm that the manuscript and any additional supporting documents have been successfully received by NIHMS, and verify the document.
    • Review and approve the Submission Statement and specify the timing of posting of the final manuscript for public accessibility through PMC (this must be completed by the PI). Authors and/or their institutions should ensure that their final manuscript submissions to PMC are consistent with any other agreements, including copyright assignments that they may have made with publishers or other third parties. Upon approval of the submission by the PI, the manuscript will be converted into XML - the standardized digital format used by PMC.
    • Review the XML manuscript as it will appear in PMC once the conversion has taken place (PIs will be notified by e-mail when the document is ready for review) and correct any errors, if necessary. After PI approval, the article will be publicly accessible through PMC after the time-delay specified by the PI.

    How will authors benefit from submitting their full text articles to PMC?

    By submitting their peer-reviewed manuscripts, authors will enjoy several benefits of the Policy. First, PIs and institutions can use the manuscript submission as an alternative means to fulfill the existing requirement to provide publications as part of progress reports. Current NIH grants policy for progress reporting requires that one copy of each publication not previously submitted, including manuscripts submitted or accepted for publication, be provided to NIH. Beginning with progress reports submitted August 1, 2005 (i.e., progress report submissions for Fiscal Year 2006 funding), a reference to the PMC submission identification number may be included in progress reports in lieu of submitting a hard copy of the publication. If this method of submission is chosen by the grantee, this will replace the hard copy submission for any "published" or "accepted for publication" manuscripts. Please note that other aspects of annual Progress Reporting cannot be completed through the NIHMS system. Those materials must be submitted through the normal Progress Report submission process.

    Second, by adding their manuscripts to PMC, which is a comprehensive, integrated, biomedical information technology system, authors will benefit from the modern information technology tools already available (e.g., PubMed, GenBank, Genome Map Viewer, Molecular Database, MedlinePlus, Clinical Trials, Taxonomy, Small Molecules (PubChem), DNA, Protein Sequences, and Protein Structures, etc.) that are being used currently with thousands of full text articles already submitted by 178 journals. These tools will help scientists explore information across scientific fields or within narrow topical areas. This data mining and cross-linking of information should lead to new lines of research, as well as more comprehensive approaches to understanding the diverse and ever expanding amounts and types of scientific data.

    Lastly, authors will have the ability to ensure timely public access to their research manuscripts. Once their manuscripts are electronically available to the public and researchers through PMC, authors will benefit from higher visibility of their research. In addition, publishers can submit the full text journal article and any publisher links to the article or article corrections for posting on PMC.

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    Research Support Services Workshop Series for 2005

    Mark your calendars! IIT Graduate College Research Support Services will offer the following workshops in 2005. Workshop Descriptions are as follows; dates are below:

    Fund Searching workshop: Learn to search for funds for your research program. Set up automatic alerts so you learn of new solicitations in your field of research as soon as possible!

    Compliance workshop: Learn about IIT's review committees: IRB (Institutional Review Board) for human subjects research; IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) for research involving animal subjects; and IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) for research involving biological materials and other potentially hazardous agents. Find out how to apply and how to make sure your project complies with institutional guidelines.

    Proposal Writing workshop: Learn to craft a high-quality, compelling, competitive research proposal.

    Budgeting Basics workshop: The workshop will cover budget item definitions and what a good budget justification should include. Participants will develop a typical budget used in proposal submissions.

    Tentative Schedule of Workshops, 2005:

    Proposal Writing workshop, November 11th.

    The above are tentative dates; please watch for emails and future issues of Research News describing exact time, location, and signup procedures.

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    Vice Provost for Research
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    The Staff of Research Support Services:

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