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    Winners of The Sigma Xi/IIT Awards For Excellence in University Research

    Name Category Department
    Patrick Corrigan Senior Faculty PSY
    Adam Hock Junior Faculty BCS
    Liad Wagman Junior Faculty STUART
    Chris Pelliccione Student (Ph.D.) PHYS
    Ali Cinar Senior Faculty ChBE
    Carlo Segre Senior Faculty PHYS
    Kathiravan Krishnamurthy Junior Faculty IFSH
    Arash Kalantari Student (Ph.D.) MMAE
    Christopher White Senior Faculty PHYS
    Yu Cheng Junior Faculty ECE
    Bin Jiang Student (Ph.D.) BME
    Boris Pervan Senior Faculty MMAE
    Kui Ren Junior Faculty ECE
    Qi Ye Student (Ph.D.) AM
    Jinqiao Duan Senior Faculty AM
    Zongzhi Li Junior Faculty CAEE
    Ben Niu Student (Ph.D.) AM
    Yongyi Yang Senior Faculty ECE
    Eric Brey Junior Faculty BME
    Pinghai Yang Student (Ph.D.) MMAE
    Xian-He Sun Senior Faculty CS
    Xiaoping Qian Junior Faculty MMAE
    Paritosh Mokhasi Student (Ph.D.) MMAE
    Miles Wernick Senior Faculty ECE
    Shangping Ren Junior Faculty CS
    Tengchuan Jin Student (Ph.D.) BCPS
    Tom Irving Senior Faculty BCPS
    Konstantinos Arfanakis Junior Faculty BME
    Haito Chen Student (Ph.D.) BME
    Hassan Khorashadi Zadeh Student (Ph.D.) ECE
    David Williams Senior Faculty MMAE
    Mark Anastasio Junior Faculty BME
    Matthew Pearson Student (Masters) MMAE
    Sheldon Williamson Student (Ph.D.) ECE
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