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    Where Can I Study?

    IIT’s Study Abroad Office administers 4 different types of program in countries all around the world, and alternate options are also available to the IIT student.  These programs types are further explained in the show/hide fields below.  Programs are available during the fall semester, winter session, spring semester, summer session or for an entire academic year.  You can expand upon a current course of study, focus on learning a foreign language, fulfill major course requirements or experiment with various elective requirements.

    IIT Faculty-led Programs
    You enroll directly in one or more IIT courses offered on the program, and are in class with other IIT students.  This may include IPROs with an international aspect, our Architecture in Paris program, or our CSL Summer in Paris.  On some programs you pay IIT tuition according to your classification and degree level, and will also pay a program fee which typically includes accommodation, meals, local transportation, program related excursions, airfare and other expenses. On other programs you will pay for accommodation and other costs on your own.

    Primarily offered during the summer and winter sessions, each faculty-led program focuses on a certain academic discipline, and you will earn direct IIT course credit, and incorporates excursions and field trips to give you the opportunity to explore and learn about your host country.

    Exchange Programs
    Exchange programs work on the principle of a one-for-one exchange of students, with a balance of students being maintained on a rolling basis.  You will pay IIT tuition for the term you are abroad, in order to take courses at a foreign institution alongside students from the host country.

    Proficiency in the host language may be required, though there are many universities around the world in which the language of instruction is English.  You earn IIT transfer credit with a passing grade, though GPA does not transfer back. 

    Exchange programs are available for most majors, though some, such as GE3, may be restricted to a specific department or school.  You are responsible for paying for flights, housing, books, food, travel, etc. in addition to IIT tuition.

    Partner University Programs
    You do not pay IIT tuition to participate in these programs offered by foreign universities that have an official agreement with IIT.  Instead, you enroll directly at a foreign institution as a visiting student, paying the host’s usual tuition.  You take courses with students from the host country and concurrently maintain full-time student status at IIT for the duration of their study abroad program.  You are responsible for paying for flights, housing, books, food, travel, etc. in addition to tuition at the host university.
    External Programs and Third Party Provider Programs
    With an external or third party provider, you are going outside our recognized partner programs.  You may still obtain credit for these programs, but the responsibility is on you, the student, to determine all application requirements, procedures, deadlines, and course approvals.  You will still be obligated to turn in all paperwork required to go abroad, and attend the pre-departure meeting. 

    For external programs, you do not pay tuition to IIT.  You concurrently maintain full-time student status at IIT for the duration of your study abroad program.

    Be sure to compare program details and costs carefully because not all programs include the same features.

    Internships, Research and Beyond
    Internships and Research

    We currently have one IIT-affiliated internship program available to our students.  However, several other organizations offer programs involving working or volunteering abroad.  A few organizations of these are listed below:






    Council Exchanges

    CDS International

    Transitions Abroad


    If you are interested in a program that is not currently affiliated with IIT and therefore does not appear in our searchable database, you may contact us to discuss your options.

    Choosing a Program

    The more clearly you can articulate what you hope to gain from the experience, the easier it will be to narrow your program options, so before you launch into a search, use your Study Abroad Worksheet and consider these questions:

    • Is the program academically suited to you, given your chosen major and/or minor?
    • What do you want or need to study to meet academic objectives?
    • Are there specific academic requirements that you need to fulfill during study abroad?
    • Are you fluent enough in a foreign language to take classes, write papers and take notes, or will you need to take some or all of your coursework in English?
    • Are you interested in taking courses on the language and culture of the host country?
    • How will study abroad positively affect your academic program?

    • Where do you want to go and why?
    • Do you want to study in a less-developed or more-developed country?
    • Do you want to be in a big city or a small town/rural area?

    • To what extent do you wish to integrate yourself into the host culture?
    • How much contact do you want with other American students?
    • Would you feel more comfortable with the services of a resident director or are you confident you can handle problems on your own?
    • Do you prefer to participate in planned excursions included in the program or to arrange your own sightseeing and travel?

    Living Arrangements
    • Do you want to live in a university dormitory?
    • Would you prefer to live in an apartment?
    • Do you want to live with other Americans or with local students?
    • Do you want to live with a local family?

    • How much time can you afford to spend abroad in terms of economic resources?
    • How much money can you spend on the study abroad experience?  Consider not only tuition and fees, but also housing and food, personal expenses and international travel.
    • Do you need to apply for financial aid?  Is it available to you?
    • Are you willing/able to take out loans or use personal funds in order to pay for study abroad?
    • Are there scholarships that you might be eligible for to help fund your study abroad?

    • Does the program require proficiency in a foreign language?

    • For how long do you want to study abroad (academic year, semester, summer, special short term program)?

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